Im Barry Allen the fastest man alive and I couldnt even see where the plot was going.
Barry Allen on STEAM
In a Perfect Reality

What are your skills?

Hmm... Good job! What a list! Don't be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone and see if you can connect these words to form sentences ahaha!~
  • I am exceptional at countervandalism once I encounter it happening.
  • I am adaptive.
  • I know a lot. A lot. A lot. A lot. A lot. A lot. A lot. A lot. A lot.
  • I can innovate article design fairly easily. Gonna get to work on that.
  • I can do what a rollback can without the rollback right, so the wiki notification can go away, please.
  • I am the most objective but blunt person you will meet here if a debate decides to happen. Some user experiences result in complaints to moderators for "terrifying them."
  • I'll be here...

What got you into the game and what are your thoughts?

Pedzipei gets it

Do you have plans for your stay on the wiki?

A: Depends on how far this game goes. Is it getting more updates? Is it extracted to the bone? Is it getting more popular? Will it have a terrible fandom? If the answer to these questions was "yes," then I'll think of something to do here. Check my message wall for updates.

Natsuki is best

Do you have a favorite character?

A: I have an interest in one character: Natsuki's father. Was he actually abusive by himself, or did Monika manipulate him to cause this negative trait in Natsuki? The theory is brilliant enough for me to be more interested in where the hell the adults are in this game world.

A-Are we... going to hold hands yet?

Do you have any closing statements?

To be fair..
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