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Trust is one of the six side stories in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!. This side story includes two parts that focuses on Sayori and Monika's story in a separate timeline to Doki Doki Literature Club!. Completing a side story each unlocks a new artwork in the gallery.

Part 1[]

Trust begins in the Literature Club, back when Monika was the only member. Up to this point, Monika had been trying to attract members to the Club, though nobody had joined so far. While reflecting on this, Sayori shows up as the first new member, and decides to help Monika come up with ideas. Sayori's bubbly personality is seen right from the start, and the day ends with the two excited to be working together.

The two members reconvene on the next day. Sayori presents her ideas to Monika, though accidentally reveals to her that she writes poetry as she had written the two on the same sheet and handed her the wrong side. In doing this, the two discuss how poetry allows them to be more expressive with their inner feelings. Sayori realized that she left her belongings in a different classroom and leaves to collect them, leaving Monika in the clubroom by herself. On her own, Monika comes up with the tagline 'Write the way into your heart', among a few others. When she returns, Sayori mentions seeing a girl, later revealed to be Yuri, in a classroom, reading a book alone, and that the two should attempt to recruit her. Monika enters the classroom and sets a flier down on the girl's desk, though both of them awkwardly avoid any form of communication with each other. The two club members return to the clubroom to further discuss strategies to recruit members. After some time, Sayori notices Monika's ideas for a tagline, which she had jotted down on a blank sheet of paper. While Monika expresses doubt in being able to come up with ideas, Sayori reassures her, saying she doesn't give herself enough credit.

Feeling satisfied with their progress, the two decide it is time to go home with Sayori leaving first, leaving Monika all by herself in the clubroom. Monika reflects on their discussion, remarking that literature is the key to a person's true feelings. During this reflection, she notices a folder on the floor, which she presumes to be Sayori's and opens it to check. Inside are poems written by her, and Monika reads through the first poem she sees, Become the Flower.

Part 2[]

On the following day, Sayori notices Monika's downcast expression, to which Monika replies by apologizing for being the center of attention and that her problems are 'trivial' compared to Sayori's. Sayori realized that she left her folder of poems here, and expresses concern now that Monika is worried about her. Sayori insists that Monika does not need to be worried about her, instead attempting to reassure her that 'things were so happy yesterday'. Monika understands that Sayori isn't ready to open up, but makes it clear that Sayori can open up to her any time, reiterating the vision the two came up with the day prior that they can freely expresses themselves.

The two return to planning, though Monika instead expresses that she wants to learn about poetry. Sayori responds openly, giving advice on how to start writing. One of the main points Sayori makes is being completely open and not policing your own writing, contrasting with Monika's perfectionism observed the previous day. After Monika practices writing her thoughts onto a sheet of paper, the two return to making fliers for the club, and continue until the end of the day.

On the next day, Monika enters the clubroom by herself and takes time to reflect on her inability to express herself. She repeats Sayori's writing exercise from the previous day, though this time she is unable to write anything, leaving two large, dark ink spots on the page where she held her pen. A while later, Sayori enters the clubroom and immediately notices that Monika is struggling. Sayori decides to open up to Monika first, taking Monika's sheet and expressing her thoughts of suicide on it through writing. In doing this, she hopes that Monika is able to open up after Sayori, after telling her something that she hadn't told anyone else before, and that she now trusts Monika. She explains how she gets upset when others are worried for her, and that allowing people to see her inner emotions contradicts her goal of wanting everybody to be happy, reiterating that the trust she has with Monika gives her the courage to open up like that. With this, Monika embraces Sayori, making it clear she won't tell anybody, which is pictured in a CG for the player. Sayori goes on to express her thoughts of worthlessness, with Monika reassuring her.

With this mutual trust, the two are able to be comfortable with each other and decide to resume with finding new members. The door opens with a girl peering inside, the same girl who the two members had tried to recruit on day two, concluding the side story.



  • Trust and Self-Love scenes share the same music, Hug Energy.
  • It is the first side-story in the game.


Hug Energy by Varien.