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The Side Stories is a story expansion included in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!. Taking place in an alternate universe of Doki Doki Literature Club! where the Protagonist doesn't exist, it shows how the club was formed by Monika with the assumption that she never had her epiphany, which is referenced in the main campaign story. There are six side stories, each with two parts, and a short bonus story with only one part.

Side Stories[]

  • Trust - The first side story focuses on the relationship between Sayori and Monika. It takes place back when Monika was the only member of the Literature Club. She spent days trying to get people to join, but nobody came, until Sayori showed up one day and became the first new member, as well as the vice president.
  • Understanding - The second side story focuses on the relationship between Yuri and Sayori. Following the events of Trust, Yuri decides to stop by the clubroom. Although timid at first, she quickly warms up to the others as they talk about fantasy books, and she offers to let Sayori borrow some from her favorite author.
  • Respect - The third side story focuses on the relationship between Natsuki and Monika. Several weeks after the events of Understanding, Natsuki comes to join the club, but the only type of literature she likes is manga. At first, Monika feels hesitant about letting her join, but after a while, she comes to accept the new member.
  • Balance - The fourth side story focuses on the relationship between Sayori and Natsuki. A day or two has passed since the events of Respect, and Sayori is eager to learn about manga. Natsuki is more than willing to share her books, but when she's asked to learn about poetry, she seems to be resistant to the idea, but eventually agrees.
  • Reflection - The fifth side story focuses on the relationship between Monika and Yuri. After the events of Balance, Monika wants to read a book with Yuri so they can build upon their friendship. However, Monika chose a romance novel, the kind that Yuri used to read, and she doesn't want to be reminded of the past, which is painful for her.
  • Self-Love - The sixth and final side story focuses on the relationship between Natsuki and Yuri. One day after the events of Reflection, Natsuki runs into Yuri during lunch. They see each other for the first time since their fight, and despite the tension, Yuri allows Natsuki to spend lunch with her in the stairwell, and they try to make amends.
  • Equals - The bonus story serves as an epilogue for all of the previous stories. Yuri, Natsuki, Monika, and Sayori all take turns saying what the Literature Club means to them, and how their friendship has helped them to grow.



  • In their emails and files, the employees of Metaverse Enterprise Solutions note that the Side Stories actually take place in a Control Simulation in which Monika is not aware of her elevated access, and that takes place earlier in time than the main story. The protagonist is also absent because, according to them, he is an artificial creation of Monika's that was only created because she knew she was in a game and needed a way to communicate with the game's player. As she is not aware of this in the Control Simulation, the protagonist is not present in it.