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Self-Love is one of the six side stories included in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!. This side story includes two parts that focus on Natsuki and Yuri in a separate timeline to Doki Doki Literature Club!. Completing a side story each unlocks a new artwork in the gallery.

Part 1[]

Self-Love begins with Monika having delivered Yuri's letter to Natsuki the day before. Yuri hadn't attended the club when Monika delivered the letter, and she finds herself at a disused stairwell during lunch to calm her anxiety about the next club session, where she will meet Natsuki again. However, the two girls are forced to meet when Natsuki accidentally finds Yuri's lunchtime reading spot. Natsuki purchases a drink from the vending machine next to them, but instead of leaving she sits next to Yuri. The two sit in silence for the rest of lunchtime. At the end, Natsuki apologizes for being too awkward, and that she isn't ready yet to discuss their friendship.

At lunchtime on the next day, Natsuki returns to the same spot to find Yuri once more, this time bringing her manga to read. She admits that she is there because she wants to avoid her friends, so she can read her new manga in peace, and discuss online friendships with others. The two eventually return to reading, after Yuri ended the conversation, and sit silently for the rest of lunchtime. The next day, Natsuki returns yet again, noticing a bottle of iced tea waiting for her. Yuri, embarrassed at this point, admits she bought it for her, though Natsuki's lukewarm reaction leaves her with self-doubt. Natsuki promises to do something nice for Yuri, once she figures out how to do that. She then goes on to discuss her relationship with her other friends, who are both incapable of taking anything seriously. She admits that she enjoys being around her friends, though Yuri gains the wrong impression and suggests that they could do better. Natsuki continues with the discussion, saying that not everything needs to be fixed, though appreciates how Yuri can understand that, unlike the others, and then reassures her that she is a good listener. Yuri explains to Natsuki why she enjoys reading, citing that she finds it easier to surround herself with fictional characters instead of real-life conversations. With this, Natsuki is able to relate to Yuri, stating that she also yearns for friendships with her fictional characters.

Part 2[]

Natsuki once again returns to the stairwell at lunch, though this time she is slightly later after being with her other friends. This time, she has brought a box of homemade cupcakes with her, intending to share them with Yuri. The two discuss baking, with Yuri indulging in one of her cupcakes, and Natsuki states she enjoys the reactions people get when she gives them cupcakes. The conversation returns to Natsuki's friendships, with her admitting that she is thankful for Yuri's presence as a space to avoid her friends. Eventually, Natsuki also admits that she made the cupcakes for Yuri as a way of making her happy and thanking her, though Yuri protests, insisting that she doesn't need to try and make her feel happy. This is enough to make Natsuki cry, as she calls herself a bad person. Natsuki expresses her own self-deprecating thoughts, saying that she feels bad when Yuri is too nice to her since she believes she doesn't deserve such gratitude. She brings up the letter Yuri had written for her in Reflection, saying that she only wanted to do the nice things Yuri had written about, but felt like she was being too much of an inconvenience. Yuri responds by relating to her tendency to overthink situations, which would lead to self-deprecating thoughts of her own, and explains that she wrote the letter as it pained her to see somebody else struggling in the same way. Yuri says that being able to reflect on her past mistakes makes Natsuki a good person. Natsuki admits that she's stuck in a toxic friendship with those two girls, and she's finally found the courage to end it, thanks to her talks with Yuri.

On the next day, Yuri returns to the stairwell to find Natsuki there first. The two continue to have light discussions and both read their respective books. After some time, Natsuki finally admits to Yuri that she broke off her friendship with her old friends, after circling around the idea during their discussions, and explains that she feels lost after doing so. In this moment, Natsuki experiences her first panic attack, and Yuri, who has had these before, comforts her through it. Eventually, with Yuri's help, Natsuki calms down and is reassured that she isn't alone. She feels tired afterwards and rests her head on Yuri's shoulder, which is pictured in a CG for the player. With Yuri able to give Natsuki something to look forward to, she finally admits that she had tracked Yuri down at the stairwell in the first place with the help of Sayori, and that she was too shy to discuss the contents of Yuri's letter with her. Yuri reassures her once more, concluding the side story.



  • Self-Love and Trust scenes share the same music, Hug Energy.
  • It is the fifth side-story in the game.


Hug Energy by Varien.