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Sayori (DDLC Plus) Gallery Sprites Poems

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For her poems in the original game, go here.

During the side stories, the club members will sometimes write poems that are a part of the story. The list below is Sayori's poems.


Take My Hand[]

This poem is shown when Monika accidentally reads the wrong side of Sayori's paper in Trust 1.

Take my hand, take me forward.
Take me to your dream land
Caution me to watch my step,
So I can't look back at my footprints.
Climb the stairs ahead of me
While I look up to you.
The more I look forward, the more I look up,
The more I can lend to you.

If you can trust me to follow your pace,
I'll trust you to set it.
If you can trust me to lend you a smile,
I'll trust you to return it.

Take my hand, take me forward.
Take me to your dream land.

Become the Flower[]

This poem is shown when Monika goes through Sayori's folder in Trust 1.

A feeling of joy is a flower plucked from the ground.
The color, the scent. It's so pretty in my hair.
Every day, I pluck some flowers, as though they grew just for me.
A lifetime of peace and nourishment, yanked away in an instant.
All for me. All for joy.

I need more.

I need more joy. I need more happy.

Pluck, pluck, pluck. Every day.
Pluck, pluck, pluck. So pretty in my hair.
Pluck, pluck, pluck. You're going to die, and you, too.

Beneath my feet, a flower stands alone. It beckons to me.
I twist the stem, freeing it from its clinging roots,
Caressing the final joyous moment between my fingers.
But to what ends?
I look in every direction.
And the field I stand in,
The prosperous field,
Is a barren wasteland.
The fruits of my labor. The carnage of my joy.

And that is why

I've decided

I must

Become the flower.

Trust 2 Poem[]

This poem is shown when Sayori shows Monika that if she can be vulnerable, then Monika can be vulnerable too. The poem appears in Trust 2.

"Sometimes I want to die."

Once Monika opened up to Sayori about how she was feeling, Sayori noticed Monika's poem and began writing something under the black smears. Prior to showing what she wrote to Monika, Sayori asks her, "Can I trust you?" and Monika replies with, "Of course. You can trust me with anything". She expresses how sharing this with Monika was a really hard thing for her to do and that she had never told anyone before. She did it anyway, though, since she wanted to prove that if she can be vulnerable, than Monika can be too. Monika told Sayori that she doesn't have to force herself to say anything, but Sayori reassured Monika, saying that she wanted to speak because it felt right.

The poem Sayori wrote was about her depression. Sayori mentions how she wants everyone to be happy and how that is the most important thing to her, which she believes that letting people into her headspace and making them aware of her thoughts will make them unhappy.

Unlockable Poems[]

Sayori's Special Events Poem[]

This poem is unlocked in the Gallery when you acquire all of Sayori's other poems.

There once was a ladybug.
It was so small, it took a really long time to crawl from here to there.
It was very tiring to fly for too long.

Nobody squishes ladybugs because they're cute.
Does that make them better than other bugs?
Do ladybugs know they're cute?
I think they're too preoccupied with bug things.

And so, the ladybug crawled around and did bug things.
This story wasn't really going anywhere.
But I know you don't mind.
I hope you think it's nice for being there anyway.
Like ladybugs.
Like this ladybug.
The one who clings like a doof onto your sleeve because it knows you won't squash it.

If it doesn't bug you,
Will you stay awhile?