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Satchely is a freelance artist. She created all the character artwork and CGs for Doki Doki Literature Club!, as well as the key character art for Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!. She is also the author of some of images posted to Monika's Twitter account.


  • According to a DeviantArt journal, she worked on the game "on and off" for one to two years.
  • The first character Satchely drew was Monika.[1]
  • Satchely's favorite character is Natsuki[2], with Sayori being her second.[3] Her least favorite character is Yuri, due to what she does with the protagonist's pen.[4]
  • While drawing Sayori's suicide, Satchely used references of people pretending to hang themselves.[5]
  • Satchely wishes she had shortened the distances between each characters' eyes.[6]

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