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Respect is one of the six side stories included in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!. This side story includes two parts that focus on Monika and Natsuki in a separate timeline to Doki Doki Literature Club!. Completing a side story each unlocks a new artwork in the gallery.

Part 1[]

Respect begins in the Literature Club, with Natsuki joining as the newest member. Natsuki introduces herself and says she likes manga, resulting in mixed reactions from the members, most notably Monika who doesn't accept manga or comics as a real form of literature. With some convincing, Monika eventually allows Natsuki to join the club, though she expresses doubts about their new member while Natsuki isn't in the room. Natsuki stumbles her way back into the club, carrying two heavy boxes of manga, while Monika quietly questions if accepting manga as literature is right for the club.

On the next day, all club members return, though there is some friction between Monika and Natsuki due to her having disapproving views on manga. While trying to come up with ideas for club activities, Natsuki feels rejected by the members as her views aren't being taken into consideration by Monika, resulting in Natsuki storming out of the clubroom early, which provokes Sayori to chase after her. Monika reflects on her inner conflict of guilt and frustration towards Natsuki, unsure if she was being too hostile to her or if Natsuki simply wasn't a good fit for the club. Yuri reassures Monika that she wasn't being too irrational, though Monika's own guilt about the situation compels her to at least read some of Natsuki's manga.

Part 2[]

Outside the clubroom, Natsuki discusses the situation with Sayori. She complains to her that Monika is simply being a 'jerk' for judging her, while Sayori tries to convince her that Monika is usually a nice person. Natsuki contemplates joining a different club instead as she believes she would be better respected elsewhere, though Sayori convinces her to stay, promising to talk to Monika about it. Natsuki reveals that she joined the Literature Club for a safe space to not be judged, pointing out the promise in the club's fliers that you can 'be yourself'. She also reveals she didn't want to tell Monika she enjoyed writing since she 'didn't deserve that kind of satisfaction', showing part of her tsundere trope.

During lunchtime the next day, Monika searches for Natsuki to try to make amends. She spots her with her friends, who are being judgmental for her previous membership in the Anime Club and for joining the Literature Club, implying that her interests in manga are immature and that she should have grown out of it by now. Upon seeing this, Monika realizes why Natsuki joined the club in the first place, and returns to the clubroom later that afternoon. Monika discusses what she saw with Yuri, questioning her own ability as Club President for being so judgmental to Natsuki and failing to stand up for her. Sayori joins the pair, and the trio look for ways to make it up to Natsuki.

On the next day, Monika and Yuri anxiously await Natsuki's return to the clubroom. Eventually, Sayori returns with Natsuki, though Natsuki is cautious of the other members and opts not to greet them. Monika addresses the club, introducing the new activity as 'learning about manga', however Natsuki senses that Monika is being disingenuous, pointing out that she is 'forcing' it too much to be genuine. Monika approaches Natsuki and, with a little help from the other club members, is able to apologize for her earlier mistakes, easing the tensions within the club. With this, Natsuki accepts her apology and the members continue with the manga discussion.

Over the next week, the members all share their favorite kinds of literature, having started off with Natsuki and her manga. At the end of the last day, Monika asks Natsuki to stay behind, wanting to share something with her in the music room. Monika reflects on her actions and admits Natsuki was able to teach her a lesson about respect, that it wasn't until Natsuki showed up that she realized she had such a condescending attitude to anything she didn't like. Monika also admits she read some of her manga, and reveals that she started to learn how to play the piano after relating to a character in the book. The two gather around the piano, which is pictured in a CG for the player, and Monika shares a song that she wrote for the club, My Song, Your Note, after only a week of practice, contrasting with her perfectionist attitude observed when Natsuki first joined. Natsuki, who is flattered, admits she was equally as abrasive towards Monika and the two are able to make it up to each other, concluding the side story.


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