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Reflection is one of the six side stories included in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!. This side story includes two parts that focus on Yuri and Monika in a separate timeline to Doki Doki Literature Club!. Completing a side story each unlocks a new artwork in the gallery.

Part 1[]

Reflection begins in the Literature Club, with Monika chatting with Yuri about her fantasy books. During their conversation, Yuri remarks that Natsuki will eventually 'grow out' of manga, just like Yuri did with older interests of hers. Natsuki overhears this, leading to a few further disagreements between their contrasting interests, though Sayori eventually breaks the tension after eating cookies that fell on the floor. With both Natsuki and Sayori outside the clubroom, Natsuki's blunt attitude causes Yuri to reflect on their interaction, leaving her feeling as if Natsuki disrespected her own reading interests. Monika attempts to mediate her feelings, saying that it's normal to be passionate, though Yuri remains skeptical.

On the following day, Monika addresses the club with a special meeting, wishing to discuss the differences in literature in a constructive manner. She goes on to use Sayori as an anecdote, analysing how her language may contribute to tension when there is disagreement. Natsuki is hesitant as she doesn't understand why she must filter her own language, though Monika proceeds with the discussion and invites Yuri to talk about her opinion on manga. Yuri initially rejects this, citing that nothing productive could come of it, though she proceeds to list a few of her thoughts on the topic anyway. In her thoughts, she describes manga as more immature to what she currently prefers and that she has moved past that, provoking Natsuki and causing her to be offended. Monika attempts to interject, though this just leads to more conflict between the two, eventually culminating with Sayori getting upset by her friends' argument. Yuri, rather angry by this point, asks Monika to not involve herself next time, and leaves the clubroom. Similarly to the previous day, Natsuki reflects on the interaction, believing that Yuri is acting too condescendingly to her and that there is no need for further discussion.

Part 2[]

At their next meeting, both Sayori and Natsuki are present in the clubroom. Sayori tells Natsuki that Monika is outside the clubroom, waiting for Yuri in case she doesn't want to enter the clubroom. Natsuki fails to understand that Yuri can't control her feelings, and would rather wish that nothing ever happened. Natsuki expresses her dislike for Yuri's attitude, but also confides with her that she always seems to get into conflict with everybody, and considers herself being the problem, rather than Yuri. She goes on to explain that she struggles being vulnerable, as she is used to people bullying her, leading up to her building a defensive attitude to everything. Sayori opens up to Natsuki, revealing that she has depression, but that Natsuki shouldn't have to blame herself for her own feelings.

Outside the clubroom, Monika spots Yuri at a disused stairwell reading on her own. Yuri is immediately apologetic about the events from the day before, though Monika reassures her that she isn't mad at her. Yuri goes on to explain that she constantly sees the negative side of things, and that she struggles with having a normal conversation without upsetting anyone around her. Monika continues to comfort Yuri, who is in a distressed state after reflecting on those events. Monika tells Yuri that she doesn't need to feel bad for thinking so harshly of Natsuki, that it is fine if you can't control that emotion, rather only how you express it is important. Monika shows her appreciation towards Yuri for displaying her true emotions, giving the idea for Yuri to write a letter to Natsuki rather than having to talk. Monika also gives Yuri praise for her ability of self-reflection, after learning that she enjoys listening to other people's needs and concerns.

During lunchtime the next day, Yuri seeks out Monika, who is in a classroom with her friends. Monika spots her through the window and joins Yuri outside, who asks for Monika's help in writing the letter to Natsuki. The two enter an empty classroom, with Monika joining Yuri at an empty desk, pictured in a CG for the player. Monika helps Yuri come up with things to write, and the pair title the letter with 'Reflection'. Monika helps to structure the letter into three paragraphs, recognizing that Natsuki is still vulnerable and that she should make it clear that Yuri is ready to respect her and her interests from the start. A while passes and Yuri discusses her own revelations with Monika, saying she finally understands that everybody is in good faith, and that she now realizes that a person's behavior is not strictly indicative of how they wish to be. At the end of the day, Yuri asks Monika to deliver the letter for her, as she would rather not watch Natsuki read it. Monika obliges, concluding the side story.



  • In this side story, Yuri is left-handed while Monika is right-handed.
    • However, in the main game, Yuri holds her knife in her right hand in Act 2 (suggesting she is right-handed) and Monika crosses her hands with her left thumb on top (viewed from her side) in Act 3 (suggesting she is left-handed).
    • This can be a pun on the title "Reflection" or an allusion to the side stories taking place in a different universe.