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Natsuki (DDLC Plus) Gallery Sprites Poems

Hey, hold up! This page may contain a lot of spoilers.
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For her poems in the original game, go here.

During the side stories, there's sometimes poems that the club members write that are apart of the story. The list below is Natsuki's poems.


The Best Place in the World[]

This poem is shown when Natsuki tells Sayori how she feels using a poem she wrote in Balance 2.

I love my bedroom.
It's full of bright colors and soft things.
The sunlight shines in and makes everything sparkle.
It's the best place in the world.

It has all my treasures.
All my books, my collections, my memories.
All of my dreams were born in this room.
It's the best place in the world.

It has all my secrets.
All my failures, my fears, my feelings.
Sometimes it feels so fragile that the door will break at the slightest touch.
But it's still the best place in the world.

But when someone knocks, I get scared.
I brace my arms against the loose hinges.
Please don't break. Don't come in. I'm not ready.
It's MY best place in the world.

The knocking won't stop.
I block the door with furniture.
An eye peeks through the keyhole, and I panic. I'm trapped in the best place in the world.

I'm not ready to share my favorite place.
I need to clean my secrets and make my bed to hide my nightmares.
I need to touch them to put them away. To see them again.
I have so much to do and I'm scared. I'm not ready.

But It's still my favorite place.
I still want to share it.
However long it takes, if you wait patiently,
I'll eventually open the door.
And I'll show you the best place in the world.

Unlockable Poems[]

Natsuki's Special Events Poem[]

This poem is unlocked in the Gallery when you acquire all of Natsuki's other poems.

I named my pen
The Expression Express
My feelings aboard
With a ticket to you
No room for stammers
No lies
No extra stops
No compromise
Stations screaming by
Attendants saying hi
One ticket to you
Please and thank you
Take a headphone
And doze
No bumps in the rails
Just thumps in my heart
And loops in my letters
And clouds in the sky
And dreams in your eyes
Hey, wake up
The train has arrived
Expression Express, destination you

Chuu Chuu