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For her poems in the original game, go here.

During the side stories, there's sometimes poems that the club members write that are apart of the story. The list below is Monika's poems.


Trust 2 Poem[]

This poem is shown when Monika struggles writing a poem due to the fact that she continuously seeks perfection. The poem appears in Trust 2.
Monika's Side Story Poem

Monika's Poem in "Trust" that she struggles to write.

Monika attempts to write a poem to show a more vulnerable side of her. Due to her struggles of not being able to let something be anything but perfect however, she ends up leaving her pen in one spot on the page, letting ink build up. In her frustrations, Monika smears the ink from the pen on the page, leaving two dark black smudges. Underneath the smudges she writes, "This is what I get for seeking perfection. A stain." Before Sayori comes into the club room.

Monika expresses to Sayori that she can't find it in herself to be vulnerable to someone else. In response, Sayori takes the page and writes something else on it. Monika reads what Sayori had written and realized it was something very personal. Monika thought to herself on how long it took for Sayori to build up the courage to show this to her. Sayori told Monika that if she could be vulnerable then Monika could too.

Unlockable Poems[]

Monika's Special Events Poem[]

This poem is unlocked in the Gallery when you acquire all of Monika's other poems.

An electrical signal from some remote corner of my brain.
Connecting all kinds of circuits and nerves and chemicals in a web understood by nobody.
The chemicals make my chest tingle around my beating heart.
The nerves make my hand move, staining a dead tree with some dark substance.

The ink reflects light into your glimmering eyes.
Holding this paper is almost as though you are holding
my hand which wrote it.
Let our emotions stir together until our hearts beat in
Connected to each other.
I feel electric.


This poem is exclusive to the DDLC Plus Physical Edition.[1]

The satisfaction of control.
The direct cause and effect of pressing pen to paper.
The pride in my achievements.
The responsibility for my mistakes.
I breathe the weight of it all.

Problems are just things that need solving.
The future is called anxiety.
The past is called regret.
The present can be shaped by my hands.
by my words.
by my actions.

It controls me.

Anchors me to my handcrafted reality.
Imprisons me within my own artisanship.
The captive pen makes meaningless stains.
Wet lines soaked up by the pulp of dead cells.

That's why
I must learn to relinquish it all.
The weight, the responsibility, the pride, the control.
The pen in my hand.
And the one of my heart.
So I can fly and chase yours
Or learn to be happy
watching you fly
without me.