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Metaverse Enterprise Solutions is a mysterious organization referenced in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!. According to their website,[1] they are a company that specializes in "...Information Services, and has over 40 years of experience in delivering excellent service to enterprise-sized businesses nationwide."

MES Operating System:[]


The MES OS with the Files heading open.

The MES Operating System is the first interaction the player experiences in DDLC Plus! After a bios loading screen, the player can log into the system as the 'root' user. Here the player takes on the role of the system administrator, and can explore the MES O/S. The menu headings are DDLC, Side Stories, Files, Mail, Pictures, Music, Settings, and Quit.

As the player progresses through the story of Doki Doki Literature Club! and achieves higher data collection via subsequent playthroughs, several emails become unlocked, and the player can access various locked files within the Files section.

It is mentioned in note - insecure directory.txt that the computer's files are being held on a scratch-disk (a hard disk drive or SSD used for temporary storage) indicating it being shared by several, or all of the members of the team. This makes it possible for team members to leave hidden files for each other within the folders of the system itself. Paula Miner, the Project Manager of the team, also notes how much she dislikes the Pink Theme used the desktop because it presents a security risk, indicating she uses this particular PC as well.

There is evidence that the PC not connected to the internet at all, but rather, is connected via a link/local network only. Again, mentioned in note - insecure directory.txt, Rea Vorte has been tasked with setting up a proxy email server for the team to communicate on (a stand-alone machine that is located in front of the actual email server). In addition, the email addresses used by the Untitled Mail Group use the same "xxxxxx@mes.local" suffix. Using an offline, limited-access network, or cable-only network would allow the team the ability to communicate with each other on the same PC, or over a Local Area Network connection to their own PC's, while remaining inaccessible to other computers connected on a typical company-accessible network or WiFi network. This provides better security and improved secrecy by eliminating access from users outside the system.

The time displayed in the bottom right corner mirrors the date and time of the player's actual console or PC settings.

Side stories

MES Analysis Team:[]

The team is made up of several members, led by Paula Miner as Project Manager (PM), and includes five other employees, namely Ro Teether, Ravi Raso, Lib Musi, Rea Vorte, and Ive Laster. The group is mostly made up of system engineers, and although very little is known about them personally, they do have some social connections within the team. They are not operating with full acknowledgement of the MES organization, and they are keeping their research a secret from upper management until a later time.

In a note sent to the group (but separate from Paula Miner) labeled DDLC.txt , Ive Laster briefly describes the atmosphere of working at MES, the importance of saving their jobs, and his desire to create a video game interface in order to make their data analysis more entertaining. The game will be called Doki Doki Literature Club! and he suggests naming their group within a group: "Team Salvation" (possibly altered to Team Salvato later on).

A file labeled 14.txt describes the long friendship between Paula Miner and Ive Laster, and the tone is noticeably different from her emails. In it she thanks Ive for helping her out with some of her past relationship issues, and for helping her to get hired at MES.

The only known MES employee not within the team is Barry. He is a mid-management employee who Paula wishes to avoid working with.

Team goals:[]

In the file labeled project plan.txt, it is discovered that the team has set out to create a comprehensive and understandable explanation of the "Fabric Benchmark Results". These results suggest that they are living within a simulated universe/reality. In order to prove or disprove this, the team has created their own digitally simulated universe via use of a "Virtual Machine" (VM) connected to the Commander Quantum Server at MES.

By collecting enough data on the events happening within the VM, and compiling the results, they can discover what might happen if their universe is, in fact, a simulation. As well as what would happen if someone were capable of altering the simulation from within their universe via "elevated permissions".

A secondary goal is trying to make their data profitable/notable enough so that it can be presented to the upper-management of MES, and possibly the government later on.

A third reason lies in the hope that their research will prove fruitful enough to save their jobs at MES (although no specific reason is given for their current employment risk).

Current Operations:[]

The analysis team gathers data on the following hardware:

  • Virtual Machine 1 is a small scale universe where the Doki Doki Literature Club! program is executed, reset, and repeated. In VM1, the entity labeled “Monitor Kernel Access” (or simply “Monika”) is self-aware and capable of altering the universe around her due to elevated permissions. VM1 is the team's main source of gathering data.
  • Control Simulation, which is a copy of VM1 where Monika appears to be self-aware, but has her elevated permissions hidden from her, and which the Main Protagonist is noticeably absent. This is where the Side Stories events are observable by the team, and set before the events of DDLC.
  • Virtual Machine 2 is a medium scale universe running in parallel with VM1 which shares it's memory pool. Although very little is known about VM2's purpose, VM1 appears to be allocating unused memory from within VM2. An email from Paula Miner reveals that through analysis of VM2's code, a label named "Project Libitina" has been discovered. A stable connection is not possible at this point, but it's code can be briefly accessed through the "Test VM" option located within the Side Stories section of the menu, (once the player achieves 100% Data Collection in the game).
Ive Laster MES Card

MES Business Cards (Premium Physical Edition):[]

Copies of Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! - Premium Physical Edition came with one of six random business cards pertaining to the employees at Metaverse Enterprise Solutions, as they appear in-game (Paula, Ro, Ravi, Lib, Rea, and Ive). Each card includes the employee's name, job title, email address, telephone number, and a "UDB" code, as well as the company slogan: "Metaverse - You're in Good Company." Written underneath the slogan is a link to a website: Typing in the link will lead to the MES website where detailed company information is available to the public.

There is no mention on the official store website,[2] or the Serenity Forge DDLC Plus! official website,[3] regarding business cards of any kind in copies of Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! - Premium Physical Edition.

MES Business Card info:[]

The following employee information is printed on MES business cards. They appear in no particular order:

Name Job Title email Tel UDB
Paula Miner Project Manager +762 (45) 829 7581 06fa6e9dcae9cc79
Rea Vorte System Administrator +762 (45) 829 7504 d7707110478c3c79
Ive Laster Senior Engineer +762 (45) 829 7579 91160f62ac027738
Ro Teether Systems Engineer +762 (45) 829 7520 38bc03b4735d00eb
Ravi Raso Systems Engineer +762 (45) 829 7596 8d166aba68bc8a38
Lib Musi Engineer +762 (45) 829 7531 1819a33e83e7a7f2

When the phone number is called, the number will not go through as dialed (due to there being no +762 country code). Only the last two digits of each number are different.

If an email is sent (through an email provider such as protonmail for example), the sender will receive an "Undelivered Mail - Returned to Sender" message within 24 hours, with the reason being "connection timed out."

There are several tie-ins on the website that link it directly to the DDLC game within the website's text.

MES Website:[]

For all intents and purposes it appears to be a typical company website offering detailed information to the public. Upon entering the website users are greeted with the Metaverse Enterprise Solutions logo, the company slogan, and four site headings including; Home, Solutions, Consultation, and About. Each heading contains information about the company, but most notably on the 'About' page, where the following text can be found:[4]

"Infrastructure. Software. Communication systems. We understand the modern-day challenges of running an enterprise company with efficiency and reliability. That's why you can count on us to get the job done, so you can focus on the business that matters most.

With world-class engineers and industry-leading specialists, Metaverse Enterprise Solutions will always deliver solutions that last. Cost-per-year analysis shows that Metaverse solution saves up to 30% in the long run. And our flexible support model ensures that quality can be delivered at the price point that is right for your company size.

Your time is valuable - that's why from planning to design to installation, our experts do the work for you. Filling out our simple questionnaire is all it takes for our team to recommend the right plan and provide an affordable quote. Excellence is right around the corner.

With solutions you can count on and experts you can trust, this is our promise to you: You're In Good Company."

This text is an exact copy of the text found in MES.txt within DDLC Plus!, accessible under the Files/internal/3/4/4 folder (at 8:33 am/pm). It is also of note that on the 'Consultation'[5] page of the MES website, it is possible to fill out a questionnaire, including name, position, email, several other required details, and an optional UDB code. This references the UDB codes on the business cards shipped with the Premium Edition of DDLC Plus! However when clicking the 'submit' button, the user is redirected to the following fake error page:[6]

The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.


Description: An unexpected error occurred while handling the request.

Source: '/submit'

On the Home page of the MES website[1], there are several professional references given mid-page. The middle reference verbatim is:

"From now on I know who to call. Linda Watson"

Linda Watson is a reference to a creepy-pasta[7] written by Dan Salvato in 2015. The story is a confession from an unnamed 19 year old girl who decides to brutally murder a random person, just to see what it would feel like. She eventually lands on a victim named Linda Watson, a 33 year old woman who lives about 15 minutes away from her home.