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The Literature Club is the main club in Doki Doki Literature Club! and a club that was started by Monika.

Club Members[]

Club President[]

Club President is a title given to the leader of a club. For whatever reason, whoever is the president of the Literature Club becomes fully aware that they are in the game and will have control over it. This may be due to the trope within visual novels of having an instructional or guiding character, who provides advice about how to play - a role the president may fill because they would have no romance-route.

Club President is the highest title in a club, with the second highest, Vice-President, being the only other known title. The existence of other titles in different clubs is unknown.

Known Abilities[]

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  • Whoever yields the title of Club President realizes that they are in a game.
    • Monika realizes that she is in a game and can manipulate the game's files.
    • When the player deletes Monika's or Sayori's character file at the beginning of the game, Sayori obtains the role of Club President and realizes that she is in a game, causing her to force-quit the game and delete everyone, including herself. Upon restarting the game a screen with Sayori hanging herself is shown instead of the usual menu screen. After 10 minutes the text "Now everyone can be happy" will appear.
  • The Club President can manipulate character files and the game itself.
    • This is done by Monika to make the other characters seem very unlikeable in order to get the player's attention.

Titles of the Literature Club[]

Act 1[]
  • President: Monika
  • Vice-President: Sayori
Act 2[]
  • President: Monika
  • Vice-President: Yuri
Act 3[]
  • President: None
  • Vice-President: None
Act 4[]
  • President: Sayori
  • Vice-President: Unknown


  • The Literature Club has very few members compared to other clubs in The School. In Act 2 and Act 4, the club does not actually have enough members to form an official club, needing the protagonist in order to become an official club.
  • While there is very little information about other clubs, Monika mentions she left the larger Debate Club, due to the drama between members.
  • The Vice-President of the club is always the one to die. It is unknown if this is intentional or not.