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For the soundtrack in the original game, go here.
DDLC+ Soundtrack

These are all the additional In-Game Music used in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!. The songs listed are composed by Nikki Kaelar and a couple guest tracks by Jason Hayes and Azuria Sky. All of the songs are owned by Team Salvato.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! OST[]

This album was released along with DDLC Plus, and is available to listen to as a playlist in-game.

01. My Song, Your Note[]

This is the first song to play for the Side Stories, and the setting and Monika are introduced in time with its beat; it is Monika's theme. It has a calm, misty tone to it. It debuts in Trust.

Dan Salvato has mentioned that the song's title features the initials of the four members of the Literature Club in the order that they joined - Monika, Sayori, Yuri and Natsuki.

02. Peachy Pie[]

This upbeat, yet calming song is Sayori's theme, and debuts in Trust when she first appears.

03. Strawberry Peppermint[]

This chiming, playful song is Natsuki's theme, and debuts in Respect when she first appears.

04. Lavender Mist[]

This atmospheric, bouncy orchestral-based song is Yuri's theme, and debuts in Understanding.

05. Just a Little Bit[]

(Description TBA)

06. Let's Teamwork![]

(Description TBA)

07. Dusk[]

(Description TBA)

08. Piece by Piece[]

(Description TBA)

09. Hug Energy[]

Hug Energy was used in the side story "Trust." This song was used when Sayori admits she has depression to Monika, and starts a hug with Monika.

10. Stories of Friendship and Literature[]

(Description TBA)

11. My Song, Your Note (Piano)[]

Monika plays this song for Natsuki in the side story Respect. It's (as said on the tin) My Song, Your Note on piano. As Monika plays it, memories that the Literature Club has brought are remembered and fade in and out.

"We share things because we want to express ourselves. Sharing experiences allows us to share emotions. And I just felt like... like I wanted to show you this, because if it wasn't for you, I never would have started playing."
"Ahaha. Hey, I think the credit for that one goes to Parfait Girls, not me."
"No... Well, maybe it's true that Parfait Girls put the thought into my head... was still you who inspired me to keep practicing every day."
"Every day...?"
"Because, you know, you just...make me feel like if I want to do something, I should just do it! I mean, I still haven't been practicing for very long... And I'm not really any good at it yet. Like - at all. But...I wrote a song for the club. And I worked really, really hard on it. It doesn't have any words or anything, but...well, yeah."
~ Monika and Natsuki, discussing how Natsuki inspired Monika to play piano

12. Candy Hearts (feat. Jason Hayes)[]

(Description TBA)

13. Candy Heartz (feat. Jason Hayes)[]

A slower, darker rendition of "Candy Hearts" played in xylophone. This track is not used in the game. However, playing "Candy Hearts" in the music player once and leaving will cause the track length to noticeably shorten to 1 minute 7 seconds when reentering the player. Playing it will start the normal "Candy Hearts" before transitioning to "Candy Heartz." Playing this will unlock the 1 minute track "Candy Heartz" in the player.

14. Dear Sunshine (feat. Azuria Sky)[]

(Description TBA)