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EDIT: I've gotten it resolved now, but it's still quite a harrowing glitch in my opinion. Feel free to read my story below, if you are interested as to why I consider this a glitch.

So let me just say -- before I started this up for this recording, I was previously playing this game just fine. I was going down the Yuri route and had saved at a particular spot that wasn't that important.

Big. Mistake.

So after I save at an okay area, i close the game and work on some other stuff. All cool, right? But THEN, when I tried to start the game up again and load my save, she just kept saying "You're so funny." and subsequently forcing my game to reboot (much like that one thing you get nowadays for putting 1987 in the first fnaf's custom mode and you get that golden freddy before a forceful game crash). Everybody on the home screen was very normal, which is very UNUSUAL. Mind you, by this time Sayori had been dead for a WHILE, so she should've been glitched out on the main screen. However, upon rebooting the game, she was back to normal --- and that unsettled me more than seeing her .glitched out.

I was forced to start over, of course, though I didn't really want to. But I did, and I thought "Hey, maybe it'll let me actually play my old saves now? Might've just been a glitch or something!"


ALL my progress, kaput! I have no choice but to start over from the very beginning even when I was so deep into Yuri's route/ the game in general, and what makes it worse is that now, she's using my NAME! How creepy is that?!

And for the record, I didn't even KNOW you could cheat at DDLC. Not until this. ;o-o

But anyways, here is this damning glitch in action. ( I am new to this game so maybe I wasn't as deep as I thought I was, but i was PRETTY far for my standards so either way, I'm still very much upset about this!!) Hopefully by posting this, I might be able to get answers to make sure I never get this glitch again....It appears to be a VERY rare glitch, as I have done endless searching and only found one other case remotely similar to this. I would have no reason to fabricate this, as I am far from a programmer. I just hope this never happens again! I had to go through nearly the entire game again...but hey, it was a pretty neat ending, at least! I think she used my name because that was my windows or STEAM name at the time of that video. Anyways, thank you for reading and viewing this!!

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