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Equals is a bonus campaign that serves as the epilogue to the side stories included in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!. This focuses on all members of the Literature Club in a separate timeline to Doki Doki Literature Club!. It is unlocked by completing all other six side stories. Completing this epilogue unlocks a new artwork in the gallery.


Equals starts in the Literature Club, with all four members present and takes place after the other events in the side stories. Monika opens the discussion by talking about the general direction of the club, as the school festival is drawing closer day by day. Monika suggests that they could each talk about what they have gotten out of the club, though Yuri presents some resistance to that idea. With some convincing, Yuri agrees and each member takes turns to share what they got out of the club.

Sayori starts off by sharing that she initially thought of the club as a place to express herself through writing, without feeling like burdening anybody with her problems. She highlights the trust she was able to find in Monika upon first joining, and that it helped her feel less alone, with Monika relating in the same way. She also discusses how the contrasts between Yuri and Natsuki helped her understand that people have different needs, and that she wants to help new members feel the same way she does.

Yuri continues from Sayori, stating that she likely wouldn't have stayed in the club if it wasn't for her. She recalls that she first joined the Literature Club to find like-minded people who were into fantasy books like her, though she was taken aback by Sayori's personality. She explains that, with Sayori's help, she was able to understand people better and that she always hated how she couldn't make friends before now. She reasons that with the Literature Club, she was able to recognize that her habit of overthinking was self-destructive, and that she has only benefited from her experiences with the club.

Natsuki goes next, stating that she is in a much better position mentally than when she first joined. She explains that with help from the club members, she was able to recognize her toxic relationship with her friends, and that it has taken her up until now to be true with her feelings, rather than hiding them behind her defensive attitude. Feeling guilty for being so abrasive to the other club members when she first joined, Monika reassures her that the club would not have been the same without her, and that it taught her a very good lesson in respect, with the rest of the club members chiming in to offer their own reassurances.

Finally, Monika shares her learning experiences, saying that her perfectionism got in the way of seeing the best of other people, and that she has learned she isn't perfect, rather everybody is equal. Sayori decides to write these experiences down, writing the word 'Trust' on the room's chalkboard. Each member writes a word on the chalkboard, corresponding to their individual side story: 'Trust', 'Understanding', 'Respect', 'Balance', 'Reflection', and finally 'Self-Love'. Monika offers to take a group photo, accessible to the player in the gallery, and each member decides to write a poem based on their experiences. Monika once again struggles to write about herself, however with some thought she is finally able to write, concluding the side story.