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Main Easter Eggs[]

The following is a list of Easter eggs which can be activated if the player follows the specific steps.

# File Picture Picture 2
1. Natsuki's eyes

During Act 2, if Natsuki hates the player's first poem, when they choose to show it to her, there's a 1/3 (33.3%) chance that her eyes will pop out after seeing the poem.

2. Natsuki's realistic mouth

During Act 2, during the third day, there's a 1/4 (25%) chance that during the conversation with Yuri near the closet, Natsuki's eyes will turn into shifting black pixels, her mouth will turn realistic, and she will say "mibulls sailcloth blindsight lifeline anan reciprocity faultlessly offered scleromalacia neighed catholicate". It is unknown if those words have any possible meaning, or if they are random words.

Natsuki weird appearance
3. Yuri's eyes

In Act 2, when the player faces the choice with who the protagonist should spend the weekend with, the cursor will forcibly push at choosing Monika. However, managing to choose Yuri or Natsuki will result in the game pausing momentarily before a white static screen, and a pair of purple eyeballs (Resembling Yuri's "Obsessive" eyes) appear, staring at the player. After a few seconds, the clubroom will appear in the background faintly scrolling downwards, and randomly generated text will then appear at the bottom along with a bunch of "Monika" buttons. Heavy breathing can be heard in the background, and the pupils move around like when Yuri's face changed to look similar in another point in the game. Clicking any of the buttons will result in everything returning to normal, and Monika will be excited the player chose her.

20171208132139 1
4. Yuri's flying eye

In Act 2, during the player's first interaction with Yuri where they talk about reading together, her right eye will slowly start to drift away from her head towards the down left corner of the screen until it completely disappears from the screen or Yuri changes expression.

5. Cheating

If the player tries to copy the save files of another act during Acts 2, 3, or 4, a black screen will appear with text "Unable to load the save file" after which Monika will appear and ask the player if they are trying to cheat. This scene can be avoided if the player copies the "persistent" file from the save folder, which stores information about the current act. This scene can also happen during Act 4 and Monika will still appear despite being deleted.



6. Deleting "monika.chr" before starting the game

At the screen where the player picks the name, deleting Monika's character file before starting the game will, upon the game's start, result in a scene featuring Sayori first visibly confused and finally yelling, "PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!" The game will then (forcibly) exit itself, and the other character files (including Sayori's) will be deleted, and upon reopening it, a second screen will appear, displaying the word "END" before changing into a black and white GIF of Sayori hanging from a noose, accompanied by an ambient static loop. After 10 minutes pass, the words "Now everyone can be happy" will appear on the screen.

Note: Deleting Sayori's character file before opening up the game will skip straight to the monochrome Sayori picture part.

7. Retrieving "monika.chr" in 4th act

If the player tries to start a new game in Act 4 with monika.chr being present in the characters folder, Monika will ask them to stop playing with her heart and then delete herself. If the player attempts to put her back in the game again, a text box will not appear this time. Instead, Monika will simply delete herself from the files without saying anything.

8. Monika's Jump-scare
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During Act 3, if the player has OBS or XSplit running in the background during the part where Monika says the player's PC name, instead of that dialogue appearing, she will notice that she's being recorded and after a short talk will jump-scare the player. The jumpscare involves the camera zooming on Monika's face, the room turning red, black, white and yellow, Monika's mouth turning realistic, and cracks appearing on her face.

9. No pupil Yuri

During Act 2, if the player writes three poems for Yuri, the water fountain scene repeats itself. Afterwards, the screen will go black for a couple of seconds, followed by a close up of her face with completely white eyes accompanied with loud and distorted music. This is followed by a glitching Yuri sprite before going back to normal.

10. Monika's glitched poem

If the player writes two poems for Natsuki and one for Yuri in Act 2, attempting to talk to Monika will prompt the player this poem, to which Monika seems surprised and says that the game has glitched her poem. The poem has a loud ambience playing in the background, with unreadable glitches all over the page. Alternatively, if the game is in fullscreen mode and is being played on Windows, it will display a fake BSOD instead. The dialogue is the same.

20200521205740 1

Character/Game File Secrets[]

While playing for the first time, there will be 4 files in the "game"/characters folder. Each has its messages/links and different ways to decode them.

# File Picture/audio Picture 2
1. monika.chr

This is an image file (specifically "monika.png"). Opening it with any image-manipulating program will result in a picture of a flaming ring with a square in the center, containing black and white pixels. When this square is translated into binary, the result is a Base64 string. This string can, in turn, be translated, resulting in this document.

2. natsuki.chr

This is an image file (specifically "natsuki.jfif"). Opening it with any image-manipulating program will result in the first picture. Inverting the color of the image and then mapping it onto a 3D cone or using the Polar Coordinates Filter Setting it to rectangular to polar shows a picture of a white-haired girl without pupil nor iris. (second picture) when viewed from above.

3. sayori.chr

This is an audio file (specifically "sayori.ogg"). Applying a spectrograph to the audio file will generate a QR code to the website projectlibitina. This site's IP address and hosting information correlate with the game's main site.

Sayori Spectrogram File
4. yuri.chr

This is a plain text file (specifically, but not necessarily, "yuri.txt"). Opening it in a plain text editor program will result in a long string of Base64-encoded text. The original story can be found on Tumblr here. Dan Salvato has confirmed that this is a story he wrote before DDLC was developed and that he just added it there for fun.[1]


Once the player gets into Act 2, a .txt file labeled "CAN YOU HEAR ME" will appear in the game's directory. Opening it will reveal this note.

6. hxppy thxughts.png Going to the game files during the final day of Act 1, the player can see a file labeled "hxppy thxughts.png" which shows a disoriented child-like drawing (first picture). It is a corrupted version of a similar image (second picture) of Sayori hanging herself, which is one of the special poems the player can receive during Act 2.
Hxppy thxughts
Poem special1

Going through Act 3's script files, an unused topic for Monika's Talk can be found and it can be read here. Decoding the right side using Base64 yields this text.

8. Going through the game files during Act 2 after Yuri describes the book Portrait of Markov, there is a file named "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.txt" that can be opened.
9. Shortly after Sayori's suicide, a file named "traceback" will appear in the game's files.
10. One of the 11 special poems which spells out "Nothing is real?" can be altered so that it reads this story.
11. Shortly before Yuri confesses her love for the protagonist at the end of Act 2, a file called "have a nice weekend!" will appear in the game's files. It is a vigenère cipher that, when decoded with the key "libitina", will give a Base64 text that, when decoded, results in the following text: "What is a man without knowing the rich aroma of the future; the hot, complex balance of the present; and the bittersweet aftertaste of the past?"
12. In the 'scripts.rpa' file, the first few lines contain the text from 'CAN YOU HEAR ME'.
13. Also in 'scripts.rpa', near the bottom is the Base64-encoded text from 'yuri.chr'.

Random Occurrences[]

# Occurrence Picture Picture 2
1. After the poem minigame in Act 2, there is a 1/6 (16.67%) chance of a reel of an uncorrupted 'hxppythxughts.png' version to scroll down for a brief moment, with distorted, creepy music called "eyes.ogg" playing in the background before Yuri welcomes the player back. The picture is only Sayori's head as seen in one of the special poems.
2. After closing the second special poem during Act 2 (see below), there is a 1/3 (33.3%) chance for a red filter to be applied to the screen. In-game sounds are muffled, and an unsettling ambiance plays during this. After a few lines of dialogue, the screen turns to black. Clicking at this point will restore the game back to normal.
3. After closing the second special poem in Act 2, there is a 1/3 (33.3%) chance the player's cursor will be switched with a slightly glitched Sayori head for a few lines of dialogue.
S head
S head2
4. There is a 1/101 (~1%) chance that Yuri's sticker will distort upon selecting one of her words in the poem minigames in Act 2.

Additionally, if this Easter egg is activated during the third poem game, a possible glitch may happen, in which this sticker will show up as a duplicated Yuri sticker under the words on the notebook. Either will only happen one time.

Y sticker 2g
5. Upon selecting a word for the poem minigame on Day 3 of Act 2, there is a 1/11 (9.09%) chance for a Monika sticker to jump from underneath the screen.[2]
M sticker 1
M sticker 2
6. On Day 2 or Day 3 of Act 2, every word in the poem game has a 1/401 chance of being changed into a glitched word (since every poem game has 200 words, the overall chance of this word appearing at least once is ~39.3% per day). Clicking this causes the textures and sounds for the minigame to become distorted and glitched.

During this version of the poem game, you can see a slightly glitched Yuri head, and there is a 1/11 (9.09%) chance that a "baa" sound will play if the player clicks one of the words. This will only happen one time.

698780 screenshots 20171220190238 1
698780 screenshots 20171220173016 1
7. Going into the menus in Act 2 will have a 1/50 (2%) chance to flash this picture of Monika for a split second. This will only happen one time.
Menu bg m
8. There is a 1/6 (16.67%) chance that one of the posters in the classroom will change into a picture of Sayori's suicide scene in Act 2 on any instance of this background appearing.

In Act 2, each time the player opens the game, there is a 1/64 (1.56%) chance of being greeted with a backward end screen followed by a grayscale menu with distorted music and eyeless characters. The buttons and background are missing in this sequence, and then the only option here is to close the game, at which the screen zooms into Monika's face for a brief second after a short delay. This will only happen one time.

10. After the poem minigame on Day 3 of Act 2, there is a 1/16 (6.25%) chance for multiple corrupted images of Sayori's head to appear for a brief moment. The image switches between different color schemes before the game returns to normal. This Easter Egg only appears if the film reel Easter Egg doesn't appear after the poem game.
11. In Act 2, Monika will have a 1/3 (33.3%) chance of glitching into a distorted sprite when the player first enters the Literature Club in Act 2 as shown in this video.
Monika Glitched
12. There's a 1/3 (33.3%) chance that on Day 3 of Act 2 Yuri welcomes the protagonist headless and with a glitched body.
13. Every time the player reopens the game during Act 2, the usual disclaimer text, "This game is not suitable for children / or those who are easily disturbed," has a 1/4 (25%) chance of being replaced by one of the splash messages in the picture to the right.
14. After writing poem in act three in the Act 2 of Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!. There is a probability that the game will suddenly have a faulty screen scene with white destroyed Sayori heads and contrasting ghost sprites, like The mouse pointer with a probability of being changed in the Act 2, and the background audio will also become noise switching from the left channel to the right channel. After a few seconds, this scene will disappear.[3]
Changed mouse pointer in Act 2

Special Poems[]

At the beginning of each run, three special poems are chosen to be shown throughout the game. There are a total of 11 special poems. The poems can be associated with certain characters.

Unused files[]

The following is a list of unused files left in the game data.

# File Picture
1. Beta sketches

Note: As of Version 1.1.1, these files are not present in the game files anymore.

Almost all of the girls have unfinished sketches, showing them with different arm positions.

Noticeably, Yuri doesn't have beta sketches.

2. Beta background sketch

There's an image showing CG of reading with Yuri, except for the background being only sketched.

Credits temp1
3. Natsuki's unused pose

Note: As of Version 1.1.1, this file is not present in the game files anymore.

An unused head position for Natsuki turning her head away from the view can be found in a folder called "old2" inside of her sprites folder.

4. Yuri's unused expressions

In Yuri's sprite files, there are some unused expressions.

The first one is named "Hisui.png" which shows Yuri smiling with big, purple pupils (Resembling those when she's dead) and her tongue slightly sticking out. "Hisui" is likely a reference to the game Tsukihime, the first visual novel Dan Salvato played. Hisui has several sprites with pupils that blend with her irises.

The second one is named "y7.png", and it shows Yuri angry with obsessive eyes.


Unused background

In the background files, there is an image named "house.jpg," made by the DeviantArt user Fatelogic in 2012. It is rumored to have been used as a placeholder background during development before the final backgrounds were complete, although this has yet to be officially confirmed.


Unused font

There is a font "y2" (with a standard font name of "as i lay dying") that is not used in any poems within the game. This font was most likely intended to be used in Yuri's Wheel poem, but was scrapped before the game was released.[4]

Wheel font

The unused font

Wheel comparison

A comparison of the two fonts using the Wheels poem.


Yuri's "greyed out" CGs

The grey versions of the CGs are supposed to show up in the credits if the player has not seen them during their gameplay. The Yuri CGs that take place in the Literature Club are unmissable because the player is forced to go her route during Act 2, consequently making their grey counterparts in the game files unused.


"Are you sure you want to quit?" prompt Easter Egg

Prior to version 1.1.1, if the player tried to quit the game through the menu during Sayori's suicide scene, the "Are you sure you want to quit?" prompt would be distorted and a cut picture of Sayori would flash rapidly between its normal and negative versions. It has since been removed, but the images still remain in the game's files.

Confirm glitch2
Confirm glitch


Project: Libitina[]

It is possible that Project: Libitina is based on Portrait of Markov, the book referenced by Yuri.

Yuri explains that the book deals with a human experiment prison and, based on all of the current information we have along with the website, it is safe to assume that Libitina and others were previously being tested on within this prison. This, along with the ominous-looking eye symbol on the book's cover (possibly a reference to the "Third Eye", referenced throughout various poems in the game and in the report detailed on the Project: Libitina website), which Monika says in Act 3 that she "cannot talk about" as it would reveal spoilers, highly suggests that these two are connected.

Portrait of Markov may be a reference to the Russian mathematician Andrey Markov, known for creating the stochastic processes known as Markov Chains and Markov Processes. This "Markov process" is the testing of certain variables and the states in-between the variables that are tested, like the state between birth and death or the state between fertilization and birth. The Project: Libitina site has records of tests that oversee multiple different and incredibly specific variables being studied and the states between them.

It is also worth noting that the name 'Libitina' is likely a reference to the Roman goddess of the same name. The goddess Libitina is the ancient Roman goddess of funerals and burial, a symbol of death and the planet Venus.

Special Poem "Nothing is real"[]

It is possible that this poem is a hint of a new game being released in the future and may be related to the description of the book Yuri mentioned, as the characters in the poem are not mentioned in the game. Not much is known about the reasoning for this poem.

The phrase "Nothing is real?" could refer to the revelation that Monika tells the player about, perhaps her first thought when she realized everything is a game.

Monika Playing Piano[]

It is speculated that the music playing in the background while playing the game is directly related to Monika and her ability to know about exactly what is happening in the game at any given moment. This theory is supported by the times and places the piano in the background is present, distorted or absent.[5]