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DDLC Fanpack

The fan pack is a reward players can get when choosing to pay $10 or more with the "Pay what you want" feature on the DDLC website. It can also be purchased as DLC on Steam.[1]

Disc 1[]

The disc 1 folder in the fan pack includes the main OST with two bonus tracks in MP3 format, Poems Are Forever and「Doki Doki ドキドキ」

Poems Are Forever is an electronic remix of "Your Reality" m​ade by shoji.[2] 「Doki Doki ドキドキ」is an electronic song made by Nick Kaelar.[3]

Disc 2[]

The disc 2 folder in the fan pack includes early versions of the songs players hear in-game and the music for each character players get when reading their poems. The tracks are:

  1. Trailer!
  2. Okay, Everyone! (Sayori)
  3. Okay, Everyone! (Natsuki)
  4. Okay, Everyone! (Yuri)
  5. Okay, Everyone! (Monika)
  6. Dreams Of Love and Literature (Early Sketch)
  7. Daijoubou! (Early Sketch)
  8. Ohayou Sayori! (2010 ver.)
  9. Dreams Of Love and Literature (8-bit ver.)
  10. "Your Reality" (No Vocals)


This folder includes 1080p CGs of all the characters in landscape for desktop and portrait for mobile.

DDLC Concept Art Booklet[]

The fan pack contains a .pdf file containing some screenshots from development of the game with info on the music, art, and story.