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Distort version of the art of Monika

The credits start with a distorted version of this concept art made by JisuArt moving upwards with static over it. After little time has passed, Monika's faint and distorted voice can be heard asking if the player can hear her. The voice becomes clear and she tells about how she has been practicing piano. She starts to sing a song called "Your Reality" that she wrote for the player. It is the first time a character's voice is heard in the game. The first verse is shown on-screen, after that the credits begin to roll.

The credits consist of the names of the people that created the game, CG's from the game, and a special thank you note written by Monika or Dan Salvato, depending on if the player has seen all the CG's or not. CG's the player has not seen in-game appear monochromatic. A terminal in the top-left corner will delete the images one by one if the player has not seen all the CG's. The images will be replaced by a generic grey image with dark grey text that reads "image not found".

Poem end

Monika's poem in the normal ending

Poem end clearall

Dan Salvato's poem in the special ending

If the player has not seen all the CG's, the credits will end with a handwritten message by Monika stating the Literature Club is a place without happiness. If the player has seen all the CG's, the player will be met with a thank-you note from Dan Salvato.

After the credits end some files are "deleted", regardless of what ending the player got, presumably by Monika. It causes the game to give an error when the player tries to restart it. In reality, it is only a fake error and the game can be restarted by manually deleting the ./game/firstrun file.

List of people credited[]

Differences in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus![]

  • Monika's dialogue at the start of the credits now has subtitles.
  • As DDLC Plus was a much bigger endeavor than the original DDLC, the credits are much longer and feature a lot more people, including the staff of Serenity Forge and the people involved in localizing the game to different languages. Because of this, the credits in Plus roll faster compared to the original game.
    • It is also worth noting that the credits that roll at the end of the seventh Side Story are exactly the same as the credits that play at the end of Act 4, only excluding the Extra Special Thanks to Monika and the player.
  • Dan Salvato's note in the Good Ending of DDLC Plus looks different than in the original game, but the written content is the same.
  • Jillian Ashcraft is no longer credited, while several of the people involved in the original DDLC have their credit slightly changed.
  • When DDLC Plus was originally released, the CGs would still be deleted while the credits rolled, even if the Good Ending was achieved. This bug was fixed in the June 2023 patch of the game.