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DoYouMoisturize DoYouMoisturize 11 September


So I am writing story as I'm sure you know writing a story about the game from the view of Monika from even before there was an MC. This story is about a different universe where DDLC is focused on one thing rather than 2 servers. Come with me as we follow the day to day life of Monika. However it seems there is something sinister going on somewhere around here. First it starts with Sayori, Monika has known her for a while and they've exchanged phone numbers once or twice. Then there's Yuri whom Monika hasn't really seen before. Then there's the characteristic Natsuki who is as fierce as she is cute but is just as well known as Yuri. Together we shall find what strange things happen with these 3 freinds and Will, the person who gave them …

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-Moonlight glitch- -Moonlight glitch- 30 June



So which girl is your favorite (I like them all)

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YuriMomoXx YuriMomoXx 3 March


@LucarioCreepy I apologize for the unrelated page. It was kinda a vent, I somewhat felt depressed that night.

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Graciejane16 Graciejane16 7 August 2020

Theory Time My Dudes

Ok, so I'm new to this fandom and I love this game. So I then decided to make a ton of theories about it, some of them suck, but some I tried to make sound coherent and somewhat good. So I decided to post this one and I hope you guys like it!

When Yuri kills herself and we spend the weekend with her, I don’t think that was all gibberish that she was talking about, I think she was trying to warn us about Monika, because there’s a lot of detail in what she’s been doing. And it does seem like Yuri knows some of it, because right when she confesses her feelings, she mentions that she doesn’t care if Monika can here them, which is another reason why she didn’t tell us that she cut herself, because Moinka didn’t want MC to know and try to help he…

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12JSANDM 12JSANDM 15 May 2020

Anyone wanna change history?

I went searching for a DDLC Fanon Wiki, but there were no results. There were a lot of pages on other Fanon websites, but none were for DDLC alone, unlike the Kirby series. So anyone wanna make Fanon history and make one?

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Vintion5 Vintion5 21 March 2020

Markob theory

This may be a loose theory, but I think I have found something. I think that the Markov mentioned in "The Portrait of Markov" may be referring to a guy named Nikolai Yevgenyevich Markov. The thing is, is that he was a writer (the Portrait of Markov is a book and the game is LITRATURE club). Also the Russians were known for preforming experiments on people (project Libitina?). Again though this is just an idea and may have many holes in it (I didn't even do much research). More of an interesting thought than anything else.

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Nightmare minotaur Nightmare minotaur 3 October 2019

So I found out who yuris dad was..

Its your boy Athen, Your news source of the literature club..Sorry I couldnt update my page recently I had to find yuris father.. It turns out her dad is a staff member, Mr Smith. 

" So she commited suicide?" her dad asked..  he seemed like he was fixing to explode with rage.

" I tried to stop her," I said tears rolling down my eyes. " I really did.

" Take me to her, NOW.."

I took him to where I put yuris corpse.. Inside a derilict  classroom. I could see the tears rolling down his eyes. He collapsed on his knees and started crying.

" My baby girl dead. Why did you let her do it?! WHy The HELL did you not help her". the teacher started crying.  

" I'm sorry mr smith, she didnt deserve to die like this."  said grabbing the knife.

" Athen what are …

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Nightmare minotaur Nightmare minotaur 30 September 2019

Yuri 2001 - 2019

Its your boy here. Athen grooms. Bringing you the Literature club report. Only the thing  I have to report is the closest thing to a freind in this god forsaken club since Sayoris death is dead.. Yuri is dead. She stabbed herself to death. I would know because I had to see her rot. I tried to staunch the bleeding by jamming my socks into the areas where she stabbed herself. For three days I watched as her corpse got paler and paler. I tried to call the police but my phone wouldn't work... 

I eventually had to tell someone, So today I told my teacher Mr stone about what happened. And to prove I wasn't lying I dragged Yuri's lifeless corpse to the classroom. much to the other students dismay.. At that point Her eyes were missing. Those smoky …

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Nightmare minotaur Nightmare minotaur 26 September 2019

LIterature club report thursday september 26th

Athen grooms here bringing you the Literature club report. Bringing you all the action In this seemingly boring club. I got my uniform on, my lucky tie, which comes in handy for when crazed stalkers such as Yuri come attacking my brother. Sayori well she is no longer amongst the living.

Wait now we are getting an update on Yuris state. Wait why are you getting closer to ,me, no I don't want you as a sister in law. Good lord get off my camera. Good lord almighty. I think I'll go interveiw Nats my camera is a total loss. She is like a lioness, only less carnivorous. Wait I should try using my phone to take pictures. Yeah my camera is offically hers,

So Natsuki, so I'm doing a documentary on this club you want to contribute... I mean I do need…

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Xmeimori9 Xmeimori9 29 July 2019

Doki Icons

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3thedevil 3thedevil 4 June 2019

Just read it.......

The first playthrough of Doki Doki Literature Club (or short DDLC) seems like a normal dating simulator. For those who do not know this game or still plan to play it, let me warn you again: This guide contains spoilers and possible disturbing content. So if you happen to dislike Creepypastas and deep stories, you should stop reading this and leave. Play a nicer game like Team Fortress 2, Dota 2 or Human: Fall Flat. Because DDLC has secretively hidden a horror game underneath it that we will explain in this guide (that's what you came here for right?). What Team Salvato also hid in this game are many easter eggs and a lot of clues to the upcoming horror game that were actually in plain sight the whole time through your second playthrough.

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SonataChan SonataChan 26 March 2019

Some Icons I Make

In my free time, I like making lots of icons for people to use. These icons are all done by me, and there’s no need to credit! They are free to use~ More will be added as time goes on. Also note that I am not doing requests.

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Sayori34 Sayori34 26 October 2018

Doki Doki Roleplay Club!

So I'm making that DDLC roleplay... And I started it just today so I was wondering if anybody wants to join... You know! I really need and would really appreciate some new members! So consider joining pwease? :3 It's on Discord! Thank you soo much if you join! Here's an invite link!

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AdamHope AdamHope 5 September 2018

All best girl! But Nat is best best

Why do people hate on me for loving all the girls? All Doki's are best! But Nat is most BEST!

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Fangirl111 Fangirl111 31 July 2018

I just noticed...

That I'm the third User (without rights) with the most edits, behind Glowbomb12 and AceFedora (who is number one), according to to the List of Users on this Wiki XD XD (You have to dis-select, then only check the "No group" box to get the list without Admins, Mods or Rollbacks, in case anyone doesn't know.) Sooo, yaaaaaay! XD XD To us three top editors (I call Natsuki, I'm the Natsuki sticker XD):


Madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push. 02:47, July 31, 2018 (UTC)

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EarthlingnAkumi EarthlingnAkumi 29 April 2018

Best girl

who is best girl? obviously Sayori!

now i know what you're thinking, "BUT NA T S U K III is best girl" or "I DIG YURI" but trust me.

Here are a couple of reasons why Sayori is best girl:

  1. she solves problems well
  2. the only one who doesn't really act weird around protag
  3. genki girl
  4. bundle of sunshine :D
  5. not just monika
  6. doesn't have a knife collection
  7. doesn't criticize you
  8. one of the first that monika targets (which shows that she's obviously the best)
  9. doesn't force her love onto protag
  10. she just is

Feel free to spell it wrong in the comments though, but just so you know, Monika, Yuri, and Natsuki are not the correct ways to spell Sayori.

Thanks for reading!

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Minerva Light Minerva Light 2 April 2018

Help guys!!!!!!! :(((((((

So, yesterday I was playing DDLC. That is when I'm on Act 2, where things get glitchy. But after I quit the game for a while to have dinner and ( I did save the game!!!!) when I opened the game to play, the things like they have been reset!!

The glitchy sprite of Sayori in the main menu now is no longer glitchy ( the nice one)

My save files are all gone

It's like someone redownload my game!!!!

Is this glitch happens frequently? Please help!

NOTE: You know in the second run there is a question ask that: "would you like to continue with the original data?" and I said " continue with my original data." I didn't reset the game

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Natsukichan14 Natsukichan14 24 January 2018

Beat the day

The bunnies jump above the moon

The cows run under the fence

I hear a boom

I suddenly feel dense

tearing up I feel the burn

the rabbit is too small to reach the moon

the cow is too fat to run under the fence

neither person can face the challenge

why even face them

just bake to the tune

ignore the problem just lose all sense

Just lose all sense...

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Fangirl111 Fangirl111 6 January 2018

Who is the prettiest girl?

Bcuz I'm curious XD No, seriously, I wanna see who's the favourite. Actually, I wanna see which girl people think is the prettiest. I think Monika is the cutest, then Yuri, Sayori and then (sorry guys) Natsuki. I was actually really bummed when Monika didn't seem to have a route when I was first watching the game on YouTube because I thought she was really pretty and I wanted to see her character more. I just thought, "Oh, she must be the popular girl at school, out of his league." I guess that's why she did what she did, huh? XD Anyway, enough rambling, I wanna see what the rest of the fandom thinks, who's the prettiest girl?

~Ember Madness is like gravity,all it takes is a little push. 04:53, January 6, 2018 (UTC)

(And Natsuki was right about Yuri…

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Ranger-X Ranger-X 28 December 2017

2017's Most Disturbing Game?

I am watching the game Doki Doki Literature Club on YouTube and it's one of those games I can't stop watching. I did spoil myself from the Game Theory videos Matt did on it. Probably should not have done that. I have seen some disturbing games, but this is defintely one of the scariest games I have seen so far. I was falling in love with the characters Sayori and Yuri, but look what happened to them. What a plot twist! Monika keeps breaking the fourth wall and deleting files.

Spoiler warning: this is how I learned about the game . I thought it was just a dating sim and I wouldn't be interested. Boy was I wrong.

Anyway, Dan Salvato's Team did a great job.

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Redengo Redengo 12 December 2017

DDLC Icons

Hi, so i've been making a lot of FANDOM users grab an account in order to contribute to the wiki, (which by the way i'm sorry if that was a pain for you) and i've realized that a lot of these people would probably go without DDLC icons to use. so i've gathered icons from tumblr and other places for your personal use. some of the sprites used in the icons are edited by yuriidere on tumblr, so you can go check her out incase she decides to release more.

icons made by tumblr users: 64px, steampunkmadame, ennis, akrilii, yuriidere, peachyfloweraesthetic, unknwnbae, dekuravitys, and karasu-kingyo. im not sure who was behind the gif glitchy natsuki icons, but if someone could tell me, that'd be awesome! thanks

note that some of the icons (the gifs…

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CleffaluvCreator CleffaluvCreator 11 December 2017

Monika's poems.

An edit I did today was on Monika's page. There was a section that was made for the poems, but was empty and said TBA. Thinking it would be helpful, I added in all of her poems to the section, but then after the edit, at the top of the page there was a blurb that said to go to the poem page to read the poems. I feel like I should edit the poems out of the page, but at the same time, if it's such a big problem a rollbacker can change it back or something. Hope I didn't make too much of a mess, I just thought it would be helpful to see her poems on her page. I might go back and provide a link to the poem page in her poem section. Hope I wasn't too annoying XD

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Arcticbel Arcticbel 10 December 2017


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Arcticbel Arcticbel 8 December 2017

Your Reality


I imagine a future where I can be with you.

In my hand, is a pen that will write a poem of me and you!

The ink flows down into a dark puddle.

Just move your hand - Write the way into his heart!

But in this world of infinite choices,

What will it take just to find that special day?

What will it take, just to find...That special day?

Have I found,

Everybody a fun assignment to do today?

When you're here, everything that we do is fun for them anyway.

When I can't even read my own feelings,

What good are words, when a smile says it all?

And if this world won't write me an ending,

What will it take just for me to have it all?

Does my pen,

Only write bitter words for those who are dear to me?

Is it love, 

if I take you or is it love if I set you free?


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Arcticbel Arcticbel 6 December 2017


( I didn't think this would work as a post.I didn't just wanna add something useless. )

"Normal" Ending

1. Save the first poem!

2.Do Sayori (See below) route, but AFTER you get the CG (Computer Graphic or Picture)

LEAVE.Do NOT press further to the CERTAIN scene.Now, go to Main Menu and start a new game.

2.Save the first poem of this run or load the one you saved above (I saved the first poem of the new game after Sayori's route to be sure, but the first poem you saved above will work too.I was being sure.)

3.Next, do Natsuki's route and get all her CG's.When Sayori appears when Natsuki goes to your house, go back to the first poem again.

4.Do Yuri's route and press on to Act 2.You can stick with Yuri.

5.Just press on and delete Monika's Character …

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