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Balance is one of the six side stories included in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!. This side story includes two parts that focus on Sayori and Natsuki in a separate timeline to Doki Doki Literature Club!. Completing a side story each unlocks a new artwork in the gallery.

Part 1[]

Balance begins in the Literature Club, with Sayori hugging Natsuki. After a week of sharing interests, the members decide to explore each other's interests with Sayori intending to read Natsuki's manga with her. The two settle on a book and read until the end of the session. At the end of the day, Monika discusses the event with Sayori, who is questioning whether Natsuki actually likes her or if Sayori is trying too hard to get closer to her.

The next day, Sayori sits next to Natsuki again, however Natsuki doesn't want to continue reading the same book as yesterday due to the release of a new book. Instead, the two sit next to each other with Sayori writing poems. When Natsuki is finished, Sayori shares her poem, to which Natsuki is surprised at how open she is, revealing that she has never shared her own poetry before. The two girls then continue reading the book they started the previous day.

Over the next few days, Sayori continues approaching Natsuki and talking to her, though Natsuki dislikes this more each day. At the end of one of the days, Monika approaches Natsuki and asks if she is enjoying herself, to which she responds with mixed emotions. She discloses that she feels smothered by Sayori, after not being used to such a friendship. Feeling responsible for the situation, Monika offers to talk to Sayori, though Natsuki declines.

Part 2[]

During lunchtime, Sayori spots Natsuki in the cafeteria and tries to beckon her. Natsuki, surprised by the interaction, ducks away, leaving Sayori feeling dejected. At the meeting on the same day, Natsuki and Monika are first to the clubroom, though Sayori doesn't have enough courage to enter after the events earlier on. Yuri spots Sayori waiting outside the clubroom, and Sayori confesses to being too scared to enter. Yuri reasons with her, saying that everybody is different when it comes to building relationships, offering her own insights into the situation with her own experiences. With this, Sayori finally works up the courage to enter the clubroom, but decides she's going to give Natsuki some space instead.

Inside the clubroom, Natsuki notices Sayori and Yuri coming in. Monika approaches Natsuki, noticing she is writing rather than reading. Natsuki expresses concern that Sayori might not be happy with her, and is in the middle of writing a letter to her. At the end of the day, both Yuri and Monika had already left, leaving just Natsuki and Sayori to awkwardly say their farewells to each other. Sayori leaves first, recognizing that Natsuki no longer wishes to be friends with her. Natsuki, finally building up the courage to approach Sayori, chases her out and confronts her in the hallway. Both members face each other, Natsuki with a letter in hand, which is pictured in a CG to the player. Natsuki apologizes for ignoring Sayori during lunchtime and recently during club sessions, and opens up that she's not good with expressing her own feelings. She holds up the letter, rather than speaking aloud, and reveals a poem which discusses her inability to simply be open to her friends, no matter how much she wants to share her thoughts or creations. Sayori, taken aback by her sudden openness, expresses gratitude towards Natsuki and also admits she feels guilty for being too overbearing. She goes on to reassure her that she's not mad, and that she sat alone to try to respect her boundaries. With this newfound balance, the two are much more comfortable with each other, concluding the side story.