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Act 2 marks the turning point where the game shifts from being an innocent-looking visual novel to a psychological horror game. Sayori is completely absent in this act, hinting that her character was somehow "deleted" from the game's files by Monika. In this part of the game, Monika reveals her more obsessive personality, and she tampers with Natsuki and Yuri's dialogue in an attempt to make them unlikeable, which is marked by a different font, using a much bigger outline.

In this act, the player can still choose either Natsuki or Yuri to be in a romantic relationship with, although from Day 3 onward Monika's messing with Yuri's code backfires, and Yuri forces the protagonist to be with her.

The player will face multiple choices through the act, but most of them have no impact on the story and the player is forced to do the same thing regardless of choice. However, Act 2 is also full of weird and creepy events that have a random chance of occuring, instead of relying on the player's choices.

The act ends as Monika and Natsuki discover that the protagonist spent the weekend in the classroom with Yuri's decaying body after stabbing herself multiple times. Monika then deletes Yuri and Natsuki and forces the player into Act 3.

Day 2[]

  • Monika's poem is the only one that differs on the second day of Act 2 than the second day of Act 1. Her poem is supposedly a sequel to her first poem of Act 1, Hole in the Wall, though this poem has the same name. Here, she touches upon the idea that there must be a way to escape the game because the player is right in front of her.
  • Natsuki and Yuri will give the player their first poems from Act 1, Eagles Can Fly and Ghost in the Light, respectively.
  • Natsuki and Yuri get in a heated argument, and Monika takes the player out of the classroom and into the hallway. She then waits for a while before deciding that it’s safe to go in. Suddenly, Natsuki will burst into the hallway, crying. She rushes past the player, and upon returning to the classroom, Yuri will repeat: “I didn’t mean it,” and continues to ask the player not to hate her for it. Monika will then comfort Yuri by telling her that Natsuki will forget all about it tomorrow, implying that Monika will erase the memory from Natsuki’s character file.

Day 3[]

  • Natsuki will no longer remember the argument that she got into with Yuri the day before, and when Yuri attempts to apologize, Natsuki says she doesn’t remember anything bad that happened the day before.
  • Monika's poem is a continuation of the second poem she gives the player in Act 2 – both are called Save Me. They are fundamentally the same, though some words are changed, it is spaced out differently, and some of the words have been randomly capitalized. The last line of this poem is "Delete Her", while the last line of the first Save Me is "Load Me".
    • She will give the player her Writing Tip of the Day, where she tells them to save their game. Realizing her "Writing Tip" was not about writing, she begins to panic a bit:

Here's Monika's Writing Tip of the Day! / Sometimes you'll find yourself facing a difficult decision... / When that happens, don't forget to save your game! / You never know / ...Who am I talking to? / Can you hear me? / Tell me you can hear me. / Anything. / Please help me. / ...That's my advice for today! / Thanks for listening~

  • Yuri, while reading with the protagonist, gets overly excited and leaves the classroom to get water from the drinking fountain, though in reality, she sneaks off to go cut herself again. When she comes back, she gives the protagonist her poem, which is called Wheel. It is made up of many fragmented sentences which almost all contain vague and unexplained concepts like "Exponential gearbox" and "God disproving the existence of God".
  • If you've written two poems for Natsuki, her poem will be Base64 code, that when decoded reveals a poem called Open Your Third Eye, where the writer details how they feel pleasure from cutting up a woman.
    • Afterward, Natsuki will cry blood, and her eyes and mouth will glitch. She will speak in bold text until a large slasher smile takes the place of her glitching mouth, then she will run toward the protagonist. This event unlocks a special poem.
      • If the player doesn't appeal to Natsuki for the first two days, this event will not occur, and Natsuki will tell the protagonist to go away instead of giving him a poem.

Day 4[]

  • Natsuki will talk to the protagonist briefly about her poem before handing him a paper with a note on it. Within the note, she begs him to get Yuri mental help as she is concerned for her friend and fears that her interfering will only make things worse.
    • Upon closing the poem, Natsuki glitches and reappears but more pale and with a blank face, like a mannequin. She tells him to ignore the note and that things would probably get better if he spends more time with Monika. She repeats the phrase, "Just Monika" several times, the game states the phrase, then it fakes starting up again only to have the warning text say, "Just Monika."
  • Monika will say that spending time with Yuri is enabling her to cut herself and that she would like the player to spend more time with her instead of Yuri. Instead of receiving a poem, the game will glitch out and she will tell the player to just move on.
    • If one is playing on a Windows PC in full-screen mode, it will fake a blue screen of death and reveal that Monika was trying to escape the game, prevalent by the error code being called DDLC_ESCAPE_PLAN_FAILED.
  • Yuri will obsess over the player's physical poem by breathing into it and asking to take it home. She then excitedly offers her poem, titled mdpnfbo,jrfp, which has blood and yellow stains on it and is written in the Damagrafik Script Font, making the poem nearly illegible. Most of the words are randomly picked or not words at all, but the last few sentences detail someone taking pleasure in stabbing a teenage girl to death.
  • Afterward, the screen becomes cloudy and dark, and Yuri gets very close, stares directly at the protagonist with frighteningly realistic eyes, and asks if he likes it. She tries to explain what the poem is about, but spouts random letters and characters instead. She also explains that she has "endowed it with her scent", implying that the yellow stains are urine. She then glitches and runs off, saying she has to vomit.
  • A heated quarrel occurs over who the protagonist should help in preparation for the festival. Whereas in Act 1, the player was able to choose who to help, three buttons appear, reading Yuri, Natsuki, and Monika. However, in this act, the cursor is forcefully moved towards Monika.
    • If the player manages to press Yuri or Natsuki, a white screen will appear, with Yuri's realistic purple eyes staring directly at the player. After a few seconds, the default “choice” screen reappears, but this time with randomly generated text at the bottom, and the only choice buttons are “Monika,” filling the entire screen top to bottom.
    • If the player selects Monika instead, the game continues as normal.
  • After said quarrel, and after the player inevitably chooses Monika, Yuri ejects Monika and Natsuki from the room, and confesses her love for the protagonist in an obsessive manner. No matter whether the player accepts or rejects her confession, she stabs herself twice in the stomach, and once in the chest before falling to the ground.
  • Due to the game‘s broken script, the player is left motionless with Yuri’s decaying body over the weekend, evident by the change in lighting as the sun rises and sets outside the classroom, with Yuri's blood darkening and her eye color fading over time. Her smile will also fade into a frown. When Natsuki walks into the club room, she immediately screams, vomits and rushes out. When Monika enters, she apologizes for the protagonist‘s “boring” weekend and displays compensation by deleting Yuri and Natsuki’s character files from the game and sending the player back to the main menu.

Odd Occurrences[]

  • If the protagonist appeals to Yuri on Day 1 and then Natsuki on Day 2, Natsuki's eyes explode out of her head after a short pause before the game returns to normal.
  • When Yuri kills herself and players wait through her dialogue, checking the history will reveal that all of her lines are replaced with the Steam description of the game, followed by a couple lines of "Will you promise to spend more time with me?" repeated at the end.
  • When the protagonist talks to Yuri at the corridor the second time after seeing her arms cut, once the screen darkens and the background music is replaced with someone breathing, Yuri's eyes will become "realistic" after every fourth exhale, before reverting to normal after said exhale.
  • If appealing to Natsuki on Day 1's poem, even if the player primarily picks Natsuki's key phrases for Day 2's Poem, Monika will still point out that the poem appeals to Yuri.
  • In the background, a poster of Sayori hanging herself is seen, though it disappears the next scene.