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• 6/25/2018

Some stuff I wrote because I was bored

Probably some spoilers ahead

First, we all know Monika should be sent to Alcatraz because she killed three people for someone's love. And that Natsuki is being abused (and can realistically become BUFFSUKI!!! (with lots and lots of steroids)) Now if you haven't seen my other post which was only a theory, A GAME THEORY! (sorry, MatPat) Most of this won't make too much sense. Sayori's poster (I can't believe you wan actually buy that and put it on your wall) *more team salvato store resarch is being done, please stand by* Oh no, OH NO! More merch to analyze, greaaaaaaat... Oh wait, is this a cross-promotion? In the exclusive poster full set, Yuri is wearing a mask from Japan (correct me if i'm wrong and it's China) which does appear in the battle cats on Himeyuri Ninet- oh wow, alright these games have too much in common. Now the masks aren't the exact same but they're very similar. Sayori looks like she's somewhere nice (Hawaii?) Like I said Yuri looks like she's in Japan (or China) Monika looks as if she's in a place like New York City. And Natsuki looks like she's in stereotypical Canada. (And no it's not always snowing here in Canada, well maybe in the northern parts but, whatever) And they all look happy (except Natsuki it looks like she's gonna freeze to death) And the already overanalyzed old merch. But as i said in my last post, two of the older posters are seemingly connected in a way that makes me think, hmmm.... maybe MONIKA AND NATSUKI ARE SIBLINGS (there is no goddamn way that is possible, well there is and it's very small) And how about the two non-canon girls? (Who knows, Elyssa could be a guy.) Libitina and Elyssa, and the website ( says that Libitina failed physical and emotional control.

Alright this is getting too long i'll make a sequel to it tommorow.


(The Updated sequel, yes I know it's a bit repetitive)
A valentines day Monika poster and the date posters. The valentines day poster looks like from the point of view Bob (my last theory explained the Bob name) is presumably on a date with Monika. And the second one looks like each of the girls in a different part of the world. Sayori looks like she's in anywhere with big green grassy meadows. Yuri looks like she's in Japan (or China) Monika, New York City (or just a really large city, even though it's in the background) and Natsuki seems like she's in what stereotypical Canada looks like with a bunch of snow. (It's only like that in the north people, yes I am Canadian) Then the new member poster, which makes it seem like you're a sacrifice for an ancient god or something. (Or Yuri's the god and she's gonna kill you with her knife.) And I never wanted to do this but I must, go back to the website. You know the website, Project Libitina. ( ) And it says Libitina failed the physical and emotional control tests. Sexual response was labeled N/A. (My guess is it's just some porn of the opposite gender) And her positivity is a 1 on a scale from 1 to 10, along with control. Whilst sensitivity is a 9/10 and has a 1 ms reaction time. And the significance level is 100. (Does that mean the scientists interest in her or interest in her abilities?) And she doesn't tolerate pain very well with 3/10. And some symptoms (Twitching; vocal tics; biting; epiphora; vomiting; screaming; harm to examiner; harm to self; misplaced laughter) which are all almost seen in Yuri. Creating a widespread theory that Yuri is Libitina. (I absolutely hate digging through this website. I just wanna play some Assassin's Creed) And that a person who was terminated (killed, probably) which the name is marked as XXXXXX. Which contains the same number of letters as Elyssa. The other girl we don't see. (Or at least we don't know that we see) Elyssa is mentioned in the NOTHING IS REAL poem. You brighten it, there is information on Elyssa.
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• 6/25/2018
Wel this post in a jumble of unfounded speculation. For one, you need to unnumbered your theories.

One reminder is that many of things in the shop are fan art. You can find the speed paints for the four posters on YouTube. As for the Monika one with the glass, Sacthely (probably spelt that wrong) drew it as a Valentine's Day thing for Monika's Twitter.

As for Monika and Natsuki being related, there is zero evidence to conclude this.

Lastly, we do not know exactly where Elyssa is from yet, as the new game is not out.
• 6/25/2018
• 6/25/2018
Please, do not disrespect me, especially since I am on the staff. I am just informing you of some holes in your theories. Most users handle this better.
• 6/25/2018
The name next to Libitina also has six X's I believe. (I can not check from my iPad) Also, Yuri does not show all of those traits, maybe three.
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