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• 3/16/2018

Natsuki's True Role {Spoilers}

{If you mind spoilers, please turn away}

Does anyone else think it is weird that Natsuki is the only character who doesn't kill herself? (I'm not counting her neck snap, she was perfectly fine after that) I think there may be more to this then meets the eye.

It is evident Monika can mess with her (per the realistic mouth, black pixel eyes, and neck snap). However, she can not physically amplify anything about Natsuki herself like she did with both Yuri and Sayori. She could only possibly ruin her relation ship with her dad, and even there we are not sure.

Is Natsuki more then just a cute tsundere? Do these possible immunities allude to the fact Natsuki could stop Monika?

Let's just say Monika did not delete Natsuki in the bridge between Act 2 and 3. Do you think if she had not just deleted Natsuki out right that she would be able to give her a dislikeable trait.?

Using that same analogy, couldn't that give Monika a route if there was a Natsuki and Monika only Act? Otherwise, it would be JUST NATSUKI.

So, what do you lovely people think?
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• 3/17/2018
Well, she was like that in Act 1 . Isn't that part of tsundere way anyway? (I don't watch any anime, so sorry.)

I was just really bored
• 3/17/2018
Most of that is part of being a tsundere. There's just an explanation for it (unlike many many other tsundere characters) that Monika can exploit further if it weren't for Yuri and the former's poor coding skills.
• 3/17/2018
Yes, Monika needs to improve her Coding skills.

Actually, that leads me to a question. If Monika created the game (as the game's bio would suggest) wouldn't she be a master at code? Did she make it after the events of act 4? Before hand?? It confuses me.
• 3/17/2018
I have nothing but theoretical comments for those questions.

First, Monika didn't make the game, but she did meddle with what has been made that resulted in her own creations. A sadistic "God" made the initial "playset" (Dan Salvato; see Act 3's "God" discussion and the introduction to Act 3).

It's because she is President, Monika is able to make these modifications either disregarded by Dan or allowed by Dan under the thought that "this is a good idea."

In either case, the game's events weren't intended by Dan and were the result of Monika's poor meddling and general "game script" obstacles. He thought it was a "good show" and kept it in the final product as an "inevitability."

If she made the game and is a master coder, then Monika would be a complete ripoff of .GIFfany from Gravity Falls (as if she isn't much of a ripoff already). That would be lame.
• 3/17/2018
(Leave .Giffany out of this, lol.)

That is true, but how would she write the games bio? Don't you think Dan would written something that was that important . Why would he let Monika become sentient this way at all? How did she even become this way is what I want to know. I don't think Dan would purposely let Monika be sentient (in game universe, it's obviously intended for the games sake) in the game if he did not know.

This game has more questions then answers.

And Giffany wasn't really a master coder, she was using electro magnetics to get around. She and Monika are very similar however. At least Moniak gives the player up, while Giffany is a huge Soos yandere.
• 3/17/2018
Because Dan, the God, thought it was a good idea to make that happen. That's it. No other meaning lol.

The point of the "believe in God" discussion was for Dan to say, "look at how my creation deconstructs itself critically against itself! Isn't that a novel idea?"

It's otherwise complete speculation that would fuel fanfiction, but I'll answer some things:

1. How would she write the games bio?

A: She likely actually didn't. It would be what Dan written to fit his narrative of a game where Monika's sentience does crazy stuff, getting the idea from sentient Monika herself for being obsessive over Dan's reality and predicting that Monika would attempt to escape by convincing an unknowing player but in the end can't because Dan wouldn't allow it to go that far.

2. Don't you think Dan would written something that was that important?

A: Yes, because it can be used as a novel idea to market his game, which is what he wanted and got from exploiting Monika.

3. Why would he let Monika become sentient this way at all?

A: Because it seemed like a good game idea to him. It's a "novel" concept that would definitely get players in.

4. How did she even become this way is what I want to know.

A: Since characters are able to adapt to new events happening like an AI would, it's possible that Dan just gave Monika the "epiphany" for this purpose.
• 3/18/2018
I think it's pretty much confirmed that Monika messes with Natsuki, if you go her route in Act 2 she passes out from hunger and Yuri says she has to look for coins under the vending machines, where in Act 1 she could easily buy two cookies and even give one to Sayori without any trouble. Besides, she even swears in Act 2 and her discussion with Yuri is a lot more aggressive. But I think Monika focuses way more on Yuri during Act 2, so we don't see much of the changes Natsuki can go through
• 3/18/2018
Monika could of messed with Natsuki's father, to not give Natsuki money, which is the cookie thing. About the swearing, you can stil, go with the fact Swearing is natural thing she has to do with her dad if he is more aggressive, which may be why she swears at Yuri. I don't know, it was 12am and I was bored.

Thanks for engaging in this conversation anyway.

They should make it that if you go Natsuki in Act 1, she should be the one who goes nuts in Act 2. That's just my idea.
• 11/12/2018

From a speculative standpoint, as I'd like to imagine, Monika is primarily only able to work with in-game assets. It's why she isn't able to fully create her own route without breaking the game. Whenever Monika DOES manipulate the game it's where she is taking already created content and, like you said, glitching it out by (for lack of a better term) Photoshopping realistic eyes/mouth, adding black pixels, etc.

If this sentiment holds true for all of the game, it doesn't point me in the direction that Natsuki has some kind of immunity. It rather points me in the direction that the game, without Monika's interference, has death scenes for Sayori and Yuri included.

Monika can't create content, only screw with it a bit; she can't create a cutscene of Sayori hanging herself or Yuri stabbing herself. Yuri's eye sliding off to the side? Editing black boxes over Natsuki's face? Sure. Easy enough.

But a noose? The image of Sayori being hung? All that? Those already existed in-game since Monika can't create them. All Monika did was speed up the game script to reach those moments. Natsuki, for whatever reason, was never planned to have a death scene in the original base game. It's why her death was edited in crudely, much like all of Monika's edits with Natsuki.

It isn't that she's immune to Monika per say, she just never had a death scene (or anything physically negative) originally for Monika to accelerate to.

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