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Consume ur calcium
• 10/13/2017

Who is Monika?

Was wondering who Monika really is, *Spoiler*

someone sings at some endings in the game. This person clearly has alot in common with Monika and I was wondering if anyone had some idea as to who she is. There isn't really anything on this wiki to help me, just character names.

If someone could reply and help me that would help me out a ton, was just curious as to who Monika is based on or at least the idea behind her.

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Consume ur calcium
• 10/13/2017
I don't know who Monika is based on, but the singer is Jillian Ashcraft. When reading the credits her name shows up under "Vocals" also right above that under "Music" it says one of the main creators names Dan Salvato so the music was not taken from any other source. so i don't believe shes even based on any character, but one possibility is .GIFfany from gravity falls Season 2 episode 5 if I'm not mistaken. Hopefully this answered your question.
• 10/17/2017
Since the guy above me answered the singer question, I can probably answer your "based on/purpose in the game" question with a mini theory

I have only played some of the game (Im still doing my first run and I only reached Sayori's "problem") but based on what I read from her profile and what I have gathered by playing the game, My guess she is a stand in for a developer or a writer since in the trivia, it notes that she has admitted to altering the other characters' personalities and paired with the whole "4th wall breaking" and the reveal of her name being actually Jeff, I think this is her just being the "god" of this game and considering this is a "Psychological Horror" game, it definitely doesn't seem so far out. There is also apparently accounts of Monika leaving in-game messages through out the game and then deleting them.
• 10/25/2017
The implication is that the singer is Monika, referencing the fact that Monica said was practicing piano and writing a song. In the second run-through, she explicitly states that she's writing a song, and she might perform it for you (the implication is that she would perform it just for you, and not the rest of the club) when it's ready. The prelude to the actual song contains a portion of the singer speaking to the player about writing this song, and how she's been practicing. I believe she leaves her name out, with a statement implying that you know who she is, a statement that only makes sense for Monika.
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