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• 11/8/2018
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• 10/31/2018

(spoilers on special poems only) Some special poems analysis!

I'm not going to touch anything serious, just mine thoughts

That's it, I hope nobody have done this before me.

Text may contain mistakes because English is not my native language.

Poem "A dream" (number 8)

You can try to connect the text to main characters, but... meh. Four main girls may be the four friends, and person in a dream - protagonist or some other character.

However, thing that mentioned in poem can really happen to you. It's because brain works faster when we sleep, and when loud noise wakes us from outside, we sometimes can stay in sleep for few minutes, and while your brain collects information about the noise, your dream starts to change and often focuses around this noise. 

So when person in the poem heard laughter, her brain quickly changed the dream.

(the sentence about nails worries me, but I can't think about anything)

Poem "A dream" (number 11)

The most interesting line here is the last one - "My lungs were already getting tired."

The irony here is that your lungs can't "get tired" in a dream. You can't feel your inner organs at all, because usually we feel only the pain when organ is damaged or something. In a dream you can't feel pain.

Also, if you're in the water in a dream, you can breath.

Although, one time I had a dream when I have drowned, and after I "died" I woke up immedantly. Later I have discovered that some people had the same dreams. It can be caused by health problems (most likely heart or lungs problems).

So maybe it's not a dream. We have three variations

 1) I think it's a memory of some kind. Maybe past-life thing, though I don't belive in it, but we are talking about a VN, so

 2) The person in reality suffers from real heart/lungs problems.

 3) It's a reality and person is mentally ill and they keep thinking that it's a dream.

(I think it can be possibly connected to libitina theory, but it's only a possibility.)

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• 10/12/2018

Natsuki's name

Why did you put natsuki's name in katana? I am 99% sure that is an actual Japanese name. So it would be なつき not ナシキ

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• 10/7/2018

[SPOILER] The Report is Outdated

If you have already knew this website, then I'll give a quick recall of it. MAY TRIGGER SPOILER ALERT.

I was still into a website called Project Libitina and I have to admit that I have seen this for the first time since the First Anniversary of DDLC commenced last September 22nd, 2018.

There is a date called "MONTHLY EXAMINATION REPORT" where the report itself is dated last January 5th, 2004 (which seems to be Elyssa's (I don't know her exact name, please let me know in the Comments Box) birthday, where she was 3 years old from her birthdate).

I tried contacting @TeamSalvato on Twitter about this kind of report and they have no response or whatsoever.

If you guys have seen this kind of weird report and felt the same thing, please let me know in the Comments Box.


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• 9/26/2018

[SPOILERS] What the Protagonist Knew.

[If you don't want spoilers, please scroll away]

I have an interesting question, what if the Protagonist knew? What if he knew about the girls from the start, that they were actually twisted. There's actually a couple of ideas he can do.

1. Fix everything.

2. Quit school and move to another place.

3. Try to kill all the girls and delete them.

4. Date another girl.

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• 9/21/2018

Happy Anniversary DDLC and Happy Birthday Monika!

Today is 22 September! Happy Anniversary DDLC! Its been a year since I’ve played the game! Many peoples have make this game far more interesting by creating various mods.This is by far one of my favourite game! Btw,today also the same date as Monika’s Birthday! So,happy birthday Monika!🎁🎉
Thank you Dan Salvato for making this overwhelming game and I hope the game,”Project Libitina” is real😆.
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• 9/14/2018

Everyone forgot about this...Even Salvato himself!

So I've been reading through the DDLC dialogue for a fanfiction I'm writing, and I found something that nobody seems to know about...

So, as you know, there are five days in act one. They're all known by one (or more) major event.
Day 1 = introduction to the club.
Day 2 = read with Yuri, help Natsuki reach her manga, or fix Sayori's messy appearance
Day 3 = read with Yuri again, read manga with Natsuki, or take care of klutzy Sayori.
Day 4 = the weekend.
Day 5 = Sayori does a Sayori. You know exactly what I'm referring to.

I knew this well. You all know this well. Even Dan Salvato knows this well, referring to Day 4 as the weekend and so on in his tweets.

However, reading through the dialogue, I was surprised to find that Day 3 had completely changed right under my eyes. Events that I was in the middle of working through had vanished, and in their place were completely new Doki adventures. Predictably, my brain immediately went to "Monika's screwing with the code! AAAH!!" but I knew this wasn't the case, because my brain is really stupid. Instead, I told my brain to shut it and I scrolled back to the end of Day 2, and started reading again. Day 3 had returned to normal. I told myself that my brain was playing tricks on me and kept writing, until I reached the end of Day 3. I ended the chapter and started a new page, with the header "Day 4 - The Weekend".
'Something isn't right,' my brain said.
'I know.' I replied. Then it hit me. The main character hadn't chosen which girl he was going to help. Instead, the day had ended with his agreement to participate in the poetry performance.

I went back to the dialogue and kept reading, and discovered the real Day 4 - or Day 3.1, as I like to call it.
Day 3.0, the original Day 3, was occupied with the practice poetry recital and the helping-klutzy-Sayori/reading-with-Yuri/reading-with-Natsuki thing, whereas Day 3.1 contained the discussion of individual contributions to the festival. It is also a chance to show any exclusive scenes that have not yet been shown (eg. if you show no preference on Day 2, but show a preference towards, say, Yuri on Day 3.0, you have a chance to see both of her exclusive scenes).

So, to make this short, there are actually six days in act 1 of DDLC. Day 4 is really Day 5, and Sayori does a Sayori on Day 6. Forgotten Day 4 is a filler for if you miss Day 2 and/or 3.
Yeah, it's confusing. I know.

Were any of you aware of this extra day?
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• 9/2/2018

I need some help

I've been trying to mod this game for some time, now, and I just need some python advice. Can anyone here help with that.
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• 9/1/2018

[DDLC Spoilers] Red fingers?

[If you don't want spoilers, please scroll away]

When Sayori died there was blood on her fingers and people say, instead of putting the noose around her neck and snapping it, to make it quick and painless, she choked by hanging her self. now here is the thing, if she has blood on her fingers, did she cut herself beforehand? or did she try to pull the noose because she changed her mind, and then accidentally scratched her neck open?

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• 8/17/2018

Decompile Doki Doki Literature Club!

Hi! Someone knows why every time I try to type the commands to decompile the files I see this (in the picture in italian) (the censored part are the user name, but it's not my real name anyway):
" "python" is not recognized as a internal or external command, an eseguible program or a batch file. "
And Python, RPA Unarchiving Tool and RPYC Decompiling Tool are all installed!
Can anyone help me? Thanks you and sorry!
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• 6/25/2018

Some stuff I wrote because I was bored

Probably some spoilers ahead

First, we all know Monika should be sent to Alcatraz because she killed three people for someone's love. And that Natsuki is being abused (and can realistically become BUFFSUKI!!! (with lots and lots of steroids)) Now if you haven't seen my other post which was only a theory, A GAME THEORY! (sorry, MatPat) Most of this won't make too much sense. Sayori's poster (I can't believe you wan actually buy that and put it on your wall) *more team salvato store resarch is being done, please stand by* Oh no, OH NO! More merch to analyze, greaaaaaaat... Oh wait, is this a cross-promotion? In the exclusive poster full set, Yuri is wearing a mask from Japan (correct me if i'm wrong and it's China) which does appear in the battle cats on Himeyuri Ninet- oh wow, alright these games have too much in common. Now the masks aren't the exact same but they're very similar. Sayori looks like she's somewhere nice (Hawaii?) Like I said Yuri looks like she's in Japan (or China) Monika looks as if she's in a place like New York City. And Natsuki looks like she's in stereotypical Canada. (And no it's not always snowing here in Canada, well maybe in the northern parts but, whatever) And they all look happy (except Natsuki it looks like she's gonna freeze to death) And the already overanalyzed old merch. But as i said in my last post, two of the older posters are seemingly connected in a way that makes me think, hmmm.... maybe MONIKA AND NATSUKI ARE SIBLINGS (there is no goddamn way that is possible, well there is and it's very small) And how about the two non-canon girls? (Who knows, Elyssa could be a guy.) Libitina and Elyssa, and the website ( says that Libitina failed physical and emotional control.

Alright this is getting too long i'll make a sequel to it tommorow.


(The Updated sequel, yes I know it's a bit repetitive)
A valentines day Monika poster and the date posters. The valentines day poster looks like from the point of view Bob (my last theory explained the Bob name) is presumably on a date with Monika. And the second one looks like each of the girls in a different part of the world. Sayori looks like she's in anywhere with big green grassy meadows. Yuri looks like she's in Japan (or China) Monika, New York City (or just a really large city, even though it's in the background) and Natsuki seems like she's in what stereotypical Canada looks like with a bunch of snow. (It's only like that in the north people, yes I am Canadian) Then the new member poster, which makes it seem like you're a sacrifice for an ancient god or something. (Or Yuri's the god and she's gonna kill you with her knife.) And I never wanted to do this but I must, go back to the website. You know the website, Project Libitina. ( ) And it says Libitina failed the physical and emotional control tests. Sexual response was labeled N/A. (My guess is it's just some porn of the opposite gender) And her positivity is a 1 on a scale from 1 to 10, along with control. Whilst sensitivity is a 9/10 and has a 1 ms reaction time. And the significance level is 100. (Does that mean the scientists interest in her or interest in her abilities?) And she doesn't tolerate pain very well with 3/10. And some symptoms (Twitching; vocal tics; biting; epiphora; vomiting; screaming; harm to examiner; harm to self; misplaced laughter) which are all almost seen in Yuri. Creating a widespread theory that Yuri is Libitina. (I absolutely hate digging through this website. I just wanna play some Assassin's Creed) And that a person who was terminated (killed, probably) which the name is marked as XXXXXX. Which contains the same number of letters as Elyssa. The other girl we don't see. (Or at least we don't know that we see) Elyssa is mentioned in the NOTHING IS REAL poem. You brighten it, there is information on Elyssa.
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• 6/14/2018

[SPOILERS AHEAD] Clue for Libitina in the poem file ! [DEEP THEORY]

Hello guys !
I'm a fresh new member of this Fandom, but I've found something that I didn't see anyone talking about it before : there is a clue about Libitina in the game files. That's. Right.

Alright ! Let's talk a little bit informatic first ! Thanks to a video (link :, I dearchived and decompiled the game files, like when you have to do a mod. Then, because I'm curious, I've decided to explore the game files. And particularly the poems.rpy file. That's the file that has the text for the poems.

Now, let's talk gameplay a few moments, then I'll get back to source. At a moment of the gameplay (sorry, forgot when --'), Yuri gives you beautiful poem, filled with... blood. This poem is, at first very creepy but most important of all, incomprehensible (see image). BUT ! Thanks to the informatic decompilation, I could have access to it...

We're now getting back to the file ! The poem that I'm talking about is named "poem_y23", in the poem.rpy file. At first, there's a lot, a LOT of random words : "ed, zinger suivante, tels handknits finish"... BUT ! There is also, and that's the part you were asking since the beginning, a clue, for the now well-known "Project Libitina". And thanks to THIS specific poem, I can develop a deep theory, about Libitina's name.
After hundreds and hundreds random words, this text is shown (read carefully, it's important ;-) ) :

"Fresh blood seeps through the line parting her skin and slowly colors her breast red. I begin to hyperventilate as my compulsion grows. The images won’t go away. Images of me driving the knife into her flesh continuously, fucking her body with the blade, making a mess of her. My head starts going crazy as my thoughts start to return. Shooting pain assaults my mind along with my thoughts. This is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. How could I ever let myself think these things? But it’s unmistakable. The lust continues to linger through my veins. An ache in my muscles stems from the unreleased tension experienced by my entire body. Her Third Eye is drawing me closer."

You read all of it ? Nice.

Now as you could think, I'm going to analyse this. Obviously, here, it's Monika who's talking. But what's she doing ? Eh ? She's killing someone. And how you may say ? With a knife. A KNIFE. And who's the ONLY girl who's killed by a knife ? You're right, that's Yuri. So here, Monika's killing Yuri, with a knife.

Now we understand that, we can continue to our last part, the very last sentence, "Her Third Eye is drawing me closer.". Project Libitina's page is also referencing to this Third Eye. So now, since we know that Monika's talking to Yuri, she speaks about Yuri in the last sentence, because she is referenced by "Her". SO ! Monika's talking about Yuri's Third Eye !

So, can we confirm now that Yuri is Project Libitina's patient ?
I think we can.

I hope this post was interesting for you to read (even if it was long ;-) ),
Thank you for reading,
(P.S : Goddamn that was epic X'-D )
(P.S n°2 : sorry if there's some language mistakes, I'm French ;-) )
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• 6/2/2018

[SPOILERS] The Mind of Sayori [Theory]

WARNING: This gets pretty spoiler-y as the theory I am presenting today looks heavily at major plot scenes and endgame content. If you are trying to avoid spoilers for the game, please scroll away now.

Sayori. Oooh, Sayori....
This girl is living (or non-living) proof that looks can be deceiving. Perhaps all the girls fit this description, but Sayori most of all, for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is something we're all familiar with, but the main one is something that I find a lot of people simply skim over. To put it briefly, the revelation of this goes like "Thanks for deleting Monika! Now I'M the president, and I can do whatever I want! You're going to be with me...FOREVER!"

...Yup. Sayori had simply been deceiving you the whole time.
Okay, so her little reveal wasn't THAT over-the-top and evil-sounding, but the point stands that all along Sayori had just been manipulating you in order to become president of the literature club. In order for that to happen, Sayori needed Monika dead - we know this because after the player deletes Monika in Act 3, Sayori inherits her role as president. But what for? What exactly was Sayori planning to do with this power? More to the point, why did Monika feel the need to come back and stop her?
Let's look at the facts....

Sayori's plan - Act 1
(Had to improvise with the headings - gosh darn, I miss the old forums)

We've already established who Sayori is - she's the vice-president of the club and is looking to claim the top spot. But in order to fully understand her, we must first take a look at how this evil scheme plays out. And since DDLC is a long game with a lot of dialogue, you'd best be ready to read lots - we're gonna be here for a while.

In Act 1, Sayori is the first character we meet. She persuades the protagonist to join the titular club and is known for the "atmosphere" her presence brings to the club - your average 'ray of sunshine' character archetype. However, it soon becomes apparent that all is not as it seems. On Friday, Sayori leaves the club early, and her absence notably disrupts the atmosphere. The other girls become disturbed, and even start to turn on Monika a little, but as we all know this is only the start. The weekend rolls around and Sayori reveals her happy-go-lucky attitude was simply a mask for a serious case of depression. But hold on a second - how does this relate to Sayori being an evil mastermind?
The answer is pretty simple. As she said before, she acted happy to try and hide her true feelings. It's a metaphorical mask, and a mask can hide almost anything. So if it can hide depression, it can hide villainy too.

But knowing this raises even more questions, specifically regarding one of the most infamous scenes in the game - why did Sayori kill herself? In order to answer this, we need to take a step back and establish what Sayori's goals mean for her. Being the club president, Monika is in a position of authority, for sure, but there's a little more to it than that. Throughout the game, Monika demonstrates her ability to control aspects of the game, manipulating the other girls' dialogue (you'll know it's her because the outline is noticeably thicker on modified lines) and the game code to change it to suit her liking. So if you're president, you control the game. Cool, right? And we know that the power comes from being the president because in the twist ending, Sayori is able to use the 'glitch' effects that Monika uses, changing the background to fit her speech. How could she pass this up?

With that in mind, let's turn our attention back to Sayori's death scene. You'll notice that when the camera zooms in on her face, static appears on the screen and an error message appears in the background. More to the point, a file called "traceback.txt" is written to the game folder - "traceback" being a term used by Python to refer to errors in a program's code. Sayori's death had caused something to go wrong, and this becomes even more apparent when reading the newly-written file. A section called "RestartTopContext" is located near the top and bottom of the document, which contains the following message:

"Oh jeez...I didn't break anything, did I? Hold on a sec, I can probably fix this...I think...
Actually, you know what? This would probably be a lot easier if I just deleted her. She's the one who's making this so difficult. Ahaha! Well, here goes nothing."

I would like to draw your attention to that last bit in particular - "She's the one who's making this so difficult." It's because of Sayori herself that this error occurs. And since Monika controls the game as president, it would be her job to look out for stuff like this - after all, what use is having complete control over a program if it doesn't work?
Therefore, it can be safely concluded that this was not an actual suicide attempt, but an attack. An attack on the game which Monika controls. Sayori chose to hang herself because most visual novels don't deal with that stuff, and since DDLC is (in a story sense anyway) a romance-based game, it wouldn't be able to handle Sayori's suicide. And if Monika can't fix it, then she has no choice but to give up, which would allow Sayori to inherit the role.
But Monika was smarter than Sayori had anticipated. The RestartTopContext states that Monika had to "delete her", which we know effectively means deleting the .chr file in the 'characters' folder to 'kill' them (it's part of a coding illusion where the actual game is concerned).

And what happens after that? sayori.chr is removed from the game!

So suicide didn't work. On to phase 2....

Sayori's improvisation - Act 2
Now here you all are scratching your heads. "Sayori's dead, isn't she?" I hear you ask. And to answer that question, yes and no. Sayori was deleted, sure, and her body is now positively dead, but that doesn't mean she's well and truly finished. To understand what happens after someone is deleted, we need to take a look at Monika and how her deletion plays out. When you delete her file, her sprites are removed from the game - she can't physically appear to you. However, as evidenced by the ending scene, Monika was still able to exploit the game's code as a means of persisting after death, with just enough power to stop Sayori. Keep in mind that at this point Monika was not the president in total control - Sayori was. This shows us that persisting after death is not a president power - anyone can do it. So if Monika could do it at that point, so can Sayori.

But now we have the question of what she actually did in those moments. What did Sayori do that was so integral to this scheme?
Well, there are two other girls you can date, aren't there? The focus shifts to Yuri and Natsuki in Act 2.

Firstly, let's see if we can link them both to Sayori. All three of these girls are 'dateable' - they have their own routes. Another thing to note is that they all wear the same clothes - white knee-high socks with blue shoes. Meanwhile, Monika is cast out as an anomaly because she wears black thigh-highs and pink shoes and doesn't have her own route.
So something, somewhere, is tying the other three together...

...Of course! Yuri and Natsuki are Sayori's goons! That's why they are so thrown off when their mistress leaves them, and also why they antagonized Monika so much, trying their hardest to stop her from getting what she wants. It's through these two girls that Sayori was able to continue her work posthumously. So let's analyse their roles in this plot and how it all plays out.

Natsuki is arguably the less important of the two, but still plays a part in this plan. When Yuri goes into her 'yandere' phase, Natsuki writes a poem which isn't so much a poem as it is a letter addressing her concern for Yuri. We know that Monika messes with the girls' personalities in a process she calls "untying the knot" - tapping into their negative traits and amplifying them in an attempt to make them look bad. In Natsuki's letter, she seems to be aware of this, mentioning that Yuri has been acting strangely and suggesting that you talk to her in order to calm her down. And given that Monika is quick to act on this, using Natsuki's dialogue to convince you to "ignore everything you just read", it can be safely assumed that this is part of Sayori's plan - she's calling her out to make you hate her enough to delete her.

This can also be seen in Yuri's actions. In one particularly infamous dialogue exchange, Yuri starts trying to make Monika look bad, insulting her and telling her to kill herself. Here, the force of Sayori is giving Monika a taste of her own medicine - after all, she's only been doing the same thing to Yuri for almost the entirety of Act 2, right?
However, Yuri's connection with Sayori can be taken a little further than that. Going back to Sayori's "death" scene, you can see what appears to be a glitched-up version of the main menu, with Yuri of all people being the solitary character glitching about all over the place. Furthermore, when starting Act 2 for the first time, you are greeted with a messed-up version of Act 1's intro, with Sayori being replaced by a glitchy mess of sprites - for the sake of making this easier to read and write, let's call it Broki. What's interesting to note about Broki's sprites is that only two existing characters are seen in them - Monika and Yuri - seemingly in a struggle over who gets to be the most dominant in this display. It's also slightly symbolic of the battle between Monika and Sayori, right?
I think you can see where I'm going with this. In Act 2, Sayori's main method of acting in the game world is through the use of Yuri as a vessel. After death, she passed on to Yuri's body (I'm not sure how) so she could still physically appear and act in the game world, which gave her more options in what to do.

And Yuri's situation sorta mirror's Sayori's as well. Not only does she inherit the role of vice-president after Sayori's death, but at the end of Act 2 she is involved with her own suicide scene, which we know now is Sayori's method of attacking the game. However, Sayori was more careful this time. She knew the last attempt didn't work because the code was damaged to the point where a traceback file was created and Monika was easily able to counter as a result. So instead, Sayori made Yuri's attack more subtle. When Yuri kills herself, you're stuck on a single screen, with garbled text that repeats itself forever. The game is fine in terms of the code, but has effectively grinded to a halt. Only through repeated loading of your save file are you able to get past this sequence and progress with the story. But the attack hasn't finished yet!
In light of this, Monika deletes yuri.chr and natsuki.chr under the impression that they have ruined it for her and the player. But in doing so, she unwittingly falls right into Sayori's trap. We actually see her in the act, unlike last time where Monika could keep the drama relatively hidden from the unsuspecting player.
Monika exposed herself!

And in thinking she's totally safe, Monika changes the game into Act 3, where she reveals what she had been doing to the other girls in order to get her way. Little does she know she's actually painted herself as the villain, which prompts the player (which by the way Monika fans, you HAVE to do in order to progress) to delete monika.chr from the 'characters' folder, ending her reign as president once and for all.

It seems everything has fallen into place after all. Feeling remorse for what she did, Monika uses the last of her president power to restart the game in Act 4, but with her effectively removed from the game (as of course, she's been deleted). This allows Sayori to swoop in and claim the prize she's been chasing after the whole time. At last! Total control and limitless power! Everything went according to plan. Nothing can go wrong now!

Erm, not quite. There is one last fatal oversight that Sayori made - if she could persist after death without being the president, then so could Monika. In a last act of heroism, Monika attacks the game herself, stopping Sayori from rewriting the code again, and shutting it down with a final song and note to the player.
After all, if Sayori can do it, so can Monika.

Sayori's hatred - Finding the motive
So now we know how Sayori goes about her scheme, it's time to answer the big question on everyone's mind - why?
It's finally time to delve into the mind of Sayori....

We know Sayori suffers from depression, and if her speech in Act 1 is anything to go by she's been dealing with it for a long time. This also means it was lingering in Sayori's mind before the protagonist joined the club, as she is late in getting out of bed when Act 1 starts - a trait which is later revealed to be down to depression. And more to the point, Sayori's depression has been there since she first joined the club and met Monika - after all, she had to be around there for quite some time to be able to introduce everyone by their names and most notable personality traits.

So Sayori's been depressed from the start. What does this prove? Well, I'll tell you. It proves that depression could well be the driving force behind Sayori's motives.
Sayori's depressive thoughts are built on the idea that "the world is punishing [her] for being selfish." She believes that because she is selfish, the world punished her by giving her all these sad and depressive thoughts and feelings, which makes it hard for her to cope with life. It's all down to selfishness, she says.

But who else has been shown to be selfish throughout the course of the game? That's right: Monika! Sayori had obviously known Monika for a while - they are seen chatting in the clubroom, seemingly being friends. To have planned this whole uprising against Monika, Sayori had to at some point learned what she was up to - what being president of the club means and how she intended to use that power to steal the player for herself. That scheme sounds selfish, sure, but the world doesn't seem to be punishing Monika for it, does it? Sayori would've definitely felt a sense of injustice because of this - it's almost as if fate has double-standards. Since Monika had this whole scheme of hers from the beginning - even in Act 1 she drops little tidbits about her lore in her poems - it was only natural for Sayori to try and stop her.
Besides, why should her childhood friend go to a woman they barely laid eyes on and considered to be "out of [their] league"?

But that just makes the ending of DDLC a little more confusing. When Monika launches her attack on the game, one of the first things she says to Sayori is "I won't let you hurt him."
Excuse me, what? Hurt you? The player? Why on Earth would Sayori do that? So I tried looking into it a little further, bearing in mind some of the common tropes of DDLC, and here's what I deduced.

We know DDLC to be pretty meta - there's a lot of fourth-wall breakage and it plays out like a twisted version of a standard romance-based visual novel. In most games in this genre, the player is given the ability to save their progress and load the save files they've created. Essentially, you're able to bend the rules of time in these stories, manipulating the progression - and therefore the characters - to get the outcome you want. If you tried doing this in real life, 1: that's physically impossible, but 2: that wouldn't be a very nice thing to do to people. If you manipulate people's memories like that just to get with the one you want, you'd be considered a sociopath in today's society. In fact, you could say that these actions are considered...selfish....

It all makes sense now.
Monika may be selfish and jealous, making her an enemy in Sayori's eyes, but she's not the only one who's head she's coming after.

I'm sorry to say this, Sayori fans, but Sayori hates YOU.

Think about it. In all those other visual novels you're given the means to mess with people's hearts to get the ending that makes you most satisfied. You have a lot of power in these games.
But DDLC is different in the fact that you have no power. Regardless of what you do, the story will go on the same path. Regardless of whether you accept or reject her confession, she kills herself anyway. These are all examples of how DDLC makes the player feel powerless against the other forces in the story.
But there is one particular example I want to highlight. At various points in the game, if you try importing a save file and loading it, the game will simply go to a black screen, where Monika calls you out for "cheating." But just because she's there, doesn't mean she's the cause of the problem. If what I said earlier is true, then this must be another attack by Sayori.
If anything, it mirrors the other two attacks she made which involved the girls killing themselves. Sayori causes a problem which the game does not know how to respond to, and it's up to Monika as president to clear up her mess. Just as she dealt with Sayori's suicide at the end of Act 1, she also needed to step in and act as a handler for these 'cheating' scenarios so the player can still continue playing the game. After all, if the game just breaks then Monika can't talk to you anymore, can she?

So now you know what really goes on in the mind of Sayori. Depression plagued her life to the point where it felt like injustice, and it soon turned into hatred. Hatred for the two most powerful entities in the game world playing her and the other girls like puppets on a string. She had two powerful enemies which needed eliminating, and what better way to get rid of two enemies than to have them turn on each other? And that's just what she did throughout the course of the game.
You turned on Monika, just as Sayori had planned.

But as a final thought, this makes the ending even more disturbing. Because, in a roundabout way, Sayori won! Monika tried as best as she could to stop Sayori from hurting you, but only ended up making it worse. Once Monika had been deleted, Sayori has access to all the tools necessary to finish off the player. But in a suprising turn of events, Monika came back for one last hurrah. One final attempt to save you.
And what does she do?

She finishes Sayori's work for her without even knowing.
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• 5/15/2018

Playing DDLC on Linux?

Hello everyone

Just wondered if the game from the official website was playable on Linux (since there seems to be a Linux icon on top of the download button). Obviously not on Steam either because the Steam version doesn't support Linux as it looks.

In which case, which one do you launch? Obviously not the .exe, but the DDLC or the

Maybe, some feedback from Mac users on which one they launch can help.

And if some of you already played on Linux, does the distribution count? Like only debian-like distros or fedora-like distros?

(FYI, I'm at work right now so I won't be able to test that until tonight if I'm not busy playing other games on my windows)
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• 5/10/2018

[SPOILERS]Regarding "Can you hear me?"

[If you want to avoid spoilers, please look away]

I'm on my 3rd playthrough and this poem was one of the secret unlockable ones. I've gotten it before, but this time it came with a small chuckle? Im not sure if it has to do with the poem, though. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere. I was wondering if anyone has heard this little laugh before.
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• 4/29/2018

Books and Liteature Page

I believe it would be a good thing to combine Parfait Girls and Portrait of Markov pages. they are both realtively short pages, and I believe it would be better to have one page for both of them.

What does everyone think? Leave your thoughts below!
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• 4/29/2018

Sayori = Renpy Mascot?

Apologies if this has already been discussed before, when I look it up on google there's no results, so..

I have Renpy on my desktop, and a picture of Sayori on my desktop, and a few weeks ago I realized the looked pretty similar.

Now, I'm not saying Dan Salvato did this on purpose (knowing him though, he could have). He probably just had the Renpy mascot's image repressed in his mind when thinking about how Sayori looked (after all, if you didn't already know, DDLC was made in Renpy.)

I don't know, what do you all think?
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• 4/21/2018

Spoiler Warning

[If you mind spoilers, please scroll away]

In Act 1, on the day you choose who you want to help with the festival it gave me the option to choose Monika, I thought that option was only available for act 2, stupid me chose Yuri. I was wondering if this happened to anyone else and if they did end up choosing Monika in Act 1. Also, I didn't want to delete and redownload the game cause I am already way past Act 1. DID THIS ONLY HAPPEN TO ME?!?
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• 4/12/2018

"Your Reality" Brass Cover - Doki Doki Literature Club!

I made a Your Reality Brass Cover, it's our first cover/video so it isn't the best. Please give us some feedbacks!
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• 4/11/2018

School Name

So, I've been wondering about the school in DDLC. Does anyone have any ideas of what the school could be called, whether a canon name or just a very fitting made-up one?
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